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We seen an initiation of sorts, showing people being initiated in a forest to the Dark Order.


Nyla Rose jumps at Bates and CRUSHES her with a boot. She picks her up and puts her on the top rope, then leaps up the turnbuckle. Rose jumps across the ring and crushes Bates with a knee.

Peter Avalon gets in the ring and tries to distract Nyla, but she puts both Avalon and Bates in chokeslams, crushing them both. She picks up Bates and delivers a massive Beast bomb and picks up the victory.

Victory: Nyla Rose

After the match, Nyla picks up Leva once again and nails her again with the Beast Bomb. Shanna comes to the ring to try to help and she gets the upper hand for a moment, but she bounces off the ropes and Nyla counters into a big Powerslam. Nyla grabs a table and proceeds to put Shanna in position for a power bomb through the table, but referee Rick Knox stops her. She proceeds to put him through the table instead and then power bomb Shanna onto him.


Le Champion is here, with a little bit of the bubbly! He says he is here, but no one from here has ever been as successful as Chris Jericho has. He says that 12,000 bottles of “A Little Bit of The Bubbly” has been sold in ONE WEEK. He says that he has been contractually obligated to have 1 more match in 2019, and the last Dynamite of 2019, he has the option to choose anyone he wants.

So he put together a little list….the crowd pops…he tells them get out of 2016. He lets them know that this is the Lexicon of Le Champion. He says that this list contains people he refuses to wrestle and he names guys like Moxley (several times), Cody, Kenny, The Young Bucks, Uncle Buck, and he goes on and on…until interrupted by Jungle Express!

Jericho says on the list are dinosaurs and little children. He says that dinosaurs have been marginalized for 65 million years. And Marko Stunt is small for his age, but he is more man that Jericho will ever be! Jericho says that Marko is small for any age…but if it’s not Luchasaurus or Marko…maybe Jungleboy?

He asks if he is mute, or if he has even won a match. He couldn’t even last 10 minutes with Jericho. Jungleboy grabs the mic and says that he can last 10 minutes with him…and he is going to kick his ass! He slaps Jericho across the face and Jericho starts to throw hands with Jungleboy, while Jake Hager is taking it to Luchasaurus! Jericho and Hager escape and back up the ramp.

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