AEW Dynamite Results



Statlander gets a headlock, but Shida reverses into a leg lock. Statlander gets out and we have a standoff. Shida grabs the arm and puts on a wrist lock on Statlander. Standlander gets out and boops Shida on the nose!

Shida surprises Statlander with a step up Enziguri, following it up quick with a running knee. Shida gets on the top rope and hits a missile dropkick onto Statlander, but Statlander kicks out at 2! Shida picks up Statlander, and runs off the ropes, but Statlander counters with a tiltawhirl back breaker! Shida counters herself with an armbar! Statlander makes her way to the ropes and referee Aubrey Edwards breaks up the hold.

Statlander gets to the apron, but Shida gets on the top rope and gets a superplex from the outside in! She goes for the cover, but Statlander kicks out. Statlander starts to come back and nails Shida with a heck of a clothesline and then follows it up with leg scissors to the back of Shida! Shida gets up and surprises Kris with a knee, but Kris comes back and nails a tombstone on Shida and picks up the surprise victory!!!

Winner: Kris Statlander!

After the match, the lights go out and Brandi and Awesome Kong show up. They say they have no business with Kris Statlander, but this could bring up an awesome opportunity. They tell her to pledge her allegiance NOW to them, the Nightmare Collective, and they will take care of her. Before she can say anything, a crazy fan starts to yell that she will pledge. Brandi and Kong go up to her and she gets on her knees in front of them. They start to cut her hair and she lets them! She proceed to take a razor and shave her head!!

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