AEW Dynamite Results (2/12): Moxley Takes A Tour Of The Islands, MJF vs. Jungleboy, New Champion Crowned



We see a short video from Darby Allin holding up signs….saying that Sammy Guevara will pay. He then challenges Sammy to a match at Revolution.


Dustin starts hard on Sammy, hitting him with a series of clotheslines before hitting Sammy with a big knee and then going for a cover, but Sammy kicks out and rolls to the outside. He looks like he is going to leave, but Dustin cuts him off with a clothesline on the outside and then steps right to the face of Hager. Dustin throws Sammy back into the ring and as he gets on the apron, Sammy nails him with a Enziguri. As Dustin tries to get up on the outside, Sammy flips through the middle rope right onto Dustin.

Back in the ring, Sammy runs right after Dustin, but Dustin explodes with a powerslam on Sammy. Dustin starts to climb the ropes, but he’s distracted by Hager. Sammy interrupts Dustin and puts him on his shoulders before hitting the flip GTS. Sammy goes up top and has bad intentions, but Dustin racks him on the top before throwing him off. He jumps off the middle rope for a Panama Sunrise before nailing the Final Reckoning and picking up the victory.

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Winner: Dustin Rhodes

After the match, Dustin gets on the mic and calls out Jake Hager, who he calls “Jericho’s Bitch”. He asks if he is ever going to step in the ring or if he is going to just collect a pay check. He says that Hager broke his arm and he wants to a piece of his ass at Revolution. Hager dead stares at Dustin and walks to the ring….then walks back up the ramp and out of the arena.

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