AEW Dynamite Results (2/12): Moxley Takes A Tour Of The Islands, MJF vs. Jungleboy, New Champion Crowned



Tony Schiavone is at the top of the ramp and says that he is going to talk to Britt Baker. Tony starts to ask how she can justify what she did to Yuka. Britt says that the tooth had severe decay, so it was going to come out anyway. She doesn’t even know her and she extracted her tooth for free.

Britt is asked about the upcoming match between Nyla and Riho. Britt says they will still be number 2. The crowd boos her and she says that there seems to be confusion in these chubby Whataburger faces. She is a dentist, has several degrees, and the first woman to be signed to AEW. She is here to make a statement.


Rose comes in strong, but Riho shows her speed quickly with a low drop kick. Riho tries to climb on top of Nyla and Nyla Rose counters with a Samoan Drop! Nyla puts Riho on the top rope, hanging. Nyla climbs to the top and she nails a knee right to the back of the neck of Riho. Nyla goes for the cover, but Riho kicks out at 2!

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Nyla puts Riho on her shoulders and starts to climb up to the 2nd rope and Riho starts to right back. Nyla bites at the face of Riho before hitting an avalanche Death Valley driver!! Nyla goes for the cover……..1…………..2…………….Riho kicks out!

Nyla puts Riho on her shoulders and looks to hit the One Winged Angel??! Riho slips out and she hits the Snap Dragon Suplex! She hits it a 2nd time on Nyla before going to the top and hitting the double stomp on Nyla! She climbs up again before hitting a 2nd and then.a 3rd right to the face!! Riho goes for the cover….but Nyla gets the foot on the ropes! Riho is frustrated and goes to the corner and runs at Riho, but Nyla counters with a spear! She picks up Riho and hits her with a MASSIVE sit out power bomb to pick up the victory!!!

Winner AND NEWWW AEW Women’s World Champion: Nyla Rose!

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