AEW Dynamite Results (2/12): Moxley Takes A Tour Of The Islands, MJF vs. Jungleboy, New Champion Crowned



Chris Jericho says he is disgusted by Moxley and what he did to Santana. So after Santana is going to take him apart this week he is going to be taken apart…BY JEFF COBB!? Jericho says that Moxley will get a Tour of the Islands on his way to Revolution.


Jungleboy quickly takes down MJF, but MJF  gets up and shoulder blocks Jungleboy down to the mat before strutting like Flair. We get some back and forth action and lots of reversals and pins, but at the end we get two kip ups and a stale mate! Jungleboy pushes MJF out of the ring and MJF collects himself. MJF gets back in the ring and he tries for a handshake but Jungleboy spits in his hand and then gets a springboard arm drag.

MJF gets pissed and he pulls Jungleboy out of the ring before throwing him into the barricade.The crowd boos MJF as he takes in the boos from the crowd. Jungleboy comes in the ring and MJF comes at him but MJF gets sent up and over. MJF pops up and Jungleboy goes off the ropes and he clotheslines MJF out of the ring! Jungleboy hits MJF with a series of suicide dives before hitting a tope con hilo on the outside to MJF. He puts MJF back in the ring before nailing a reverse Rana right on the head of MJF! He goes for the cover, but MJF kicks out.

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MJF gets up in the corner and Jungleboy comes at him before MJF moves out of the way and Jungleboy crashes. MJF goes to the 2nd rope and Jungleboy surprises MJF with a power bomb! MJF is on the bottom rope and out of nowhere, Wardlow comes and puts the AEW Diamond Ring on MJF’s hand! Jungleboy goes to pick up MJF, but MJF nails Jungleboy with a right hand! He ditches the ring but then picks up Jungleboy and hits the Double Cross to pick up the victory.

Winner: MJF

After the match, Wardlow comes in the ring and puts Jungleboy on his shoulders before helicoptering him to the mat.

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