AEW Dynamite Results (3/11): Inner Circle’s Rampage Continues, Cody In Action, Death Triangle Debuts



Priestly and Rose rush Statlander and Shida right away, sending Statlander out of the ring and leaving Rose in the ring alone with Hikaru Shida. Shida gets hit with a shoulder block, but kips right back up and gets right in the face of Nyla Rose. Rose answers back with a clothesline and then a slam. She turns that into a leg drop and covers Shida, but Shida kicks out.

Nyla tags in Bea Priestly, as the crowd chants for Shida, but Priestly kicks Shida right in the center of the back. Nyla comes back in and nails a suplex on Shida, then goes for the cover, but Shida is able to kick out. Shida gets back up and she surprises Rose with with an Enziguri, and Nyla is staggered back into her own corner and Bea Priestly tags in, but Shida tags in Statlander! Statlander comes in and she catches Priestly with a back breaker. Statlander tags in Shida once again and Nyla comes in and stomps away on Shida.

Nyla puts Shida on the top rope, hanging. She climbs to the top rope and tries for the guillotine knee drop, but Shida moves out of the way and is able to climb up top and hit a dropkick to Nyla. Shida and Statlander in and deliver a double knee to the head of Nyla, then Shida goes for the cover, but Nyla kicks out. Shida picks up Nyla and she shows her power by hitting a Michinoku Driver, but Bea Priestly JUST saves the count.

Nyla runs and hits a crazy spear on Shida before delivering the Beast Bomb and picking up the victory.

Winners: Nyla Rose & Bea Priestly

After the match, Priestly attacks Nyla from behind! She pick she belt up and then throws it right back at Nyla.


Christopher Daniels is on video in a Dark Order video spoof. He says that the Dark Order was unstoppable until they ran into SCU. Now they are trying to convince us there is an Exalted One that will fix everything, but that person doesn’t exist…because the Dark Order sucks.

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