AEW Dynamite Results (3/11): Inner Circle’s Rampage Continues, Cody In Action, Death Triangle Debuts



MJF brags and talks crap to start, but Lucharsaurus decides to start the match as well. MJF backs up slowly and the Butcher and the Blade come in and attack Luchasaurus with a couple of chop blocks. The Butcher is officially tagged in and he delivers some chops to Luchasaurus. The Blade puts the leg of Luchasaurus on the ropes and he delivers a dropkick to the left leg. MJF is tagged in and he starts to pull the leg of Luchasaurus on the rope.

MJF backs up and and starts strutting in the ring in front of Luchasaurus, but Luchasaurus grabs the neck of MJF! The Butcher grabs the hair of Luchasaurus, allowing MJF to chop block the leg once again of Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus starts to fight back and meanwhile, The Butcher goes and attacks Marko Stunt and slams him onto the apron! Back in the ring, Luchasaurus tries to get to the corner, but MJF and the Blade grab the legs of Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus drags them to the corner with his strength and he tags in Jungleboy!

Jungleboy comes in and goes crazy on everyone and then goes and dives onto The Blade and MJF. Marko Stunt gets tagged in and puts MJF in the corner before stomping away on MJF in the corner. The Bunny distracts the referee and MJF is able to take advantage and lock in the Salt of the Earth arm bar onto Marko, forcing him to tap out.

Winners: MJF, The Butcher, & The Blade


Britt Baker comes out and she says that she is happy to give Tony his favorite coffee. But she would want to have some beers, but apparently you can’t have that in boring old Utah. But what is she is seeing plenty of is sugar because many people have very high BMI. But as she looks around, she notices that this might be a very big family reunion because a lot of people there look alike.

Big Swole comes out and she says that she has been hearing her talk all these weeks, and she has a news flash for her…Tony Schiavone doesn’t even like her. Britt says that Swole is irrelevant and the best wrestler and reason that she is relevant is because of her boyfriend. Big Swole holds up her finger and says that she is MARRIED…..BAY BAY! Baker takes Tony’s coffee and tosses it in the face of Swole before running to the back.

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