AEW Dynamite Results (3/11): Inner Circle’s Rampage Continues, Cody In Action, Death Triangle Debuts



Chaos to start the match, which ends with Pac and Isaah Cassidy officially starting the match. Pac gets some quick offense on Cassidy before tagging in Fenix. Fenix takes it to Cassidy, who tags in Marq Quen, and Private Party hit the Silly String on Fenix!

Fenix tags in Pentagon and Joey Janela is also tagged in. Pentagon gets a couple of low leg kicks in, but we see chaos again as everyone enters the ring. Death Triangle gets thrown to the outside and Janela climbs the top rope and dives out onto everyone.

Back in the ring, Private Party hit the Gin & Juice, Cassidy follows it up with a senton and then Quen follows it up with a shooting star! Quen goes for the cover, but Pentagon kicks Quen in the back of the head! Pac in now and he begins to hit some kicks on Quen, then tries for a German Suplex, but Quen flips out and is able to tag in Janela. Janela pulls pac out onto the apron and put shim on his shoulders…then Marq Quen flips up and over Janela and Pac onto Pentagon! Cassidy uses the back of Pac as a platform to dive out onto Fenix! Janela finishes it off with a Death Valley Driver onto the apron onto Pac. He rolls Pac into the ring and goes for the cover, but Pac kicks out.

Fenix comes in and he kicks Janela in the head and then Pentagon comes in. They proceed to hit Janela with the assisted Pentagon Driver! Pentagon puts Janela in the corner, where Pac hits Janela with the Black Arrow to pick up the victory.

Winners: Death Triangle

After the match, Death Triangle attack Janela & Private Party, but the Best Friends come to make the save and chase Death Triangle out of the ring.


Dustin is shown dressed to wrestle. He says that he is going to be Hangman’s partner tonight whether he likes it or not because he is sick of the Inner Circle and tonight they’re going to kick their ass and get some cowboy shit.

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