AEW Dynamite Results (3/25): Jericho Confronts Hardy, Brodie Lee Debuts, Kenny Defends AAA Mega Title



MARCH 25, 2020


The two men circle the ring and Havoc gets a headlock on Cody. Cody pushes him off and Havoc hits Cody with a shoulder block, which sends Cody back into the ropes and he comes back and hits Havoc with a shoulder block of his own. Both men up now and Jimmy gets a wrist lock on Cody, twisting at the joints, but Cody pushes him into the corner and then he gets a sunset flip on Jimmy. Jimmy kicks out and gets a cover of his own, but Cody kicks out. Cody gets up and Jimmy clocks Cody in the face.

Cody gets up and Jimmy sends him off the ropes, but Cody is able to springboard off and hit Havoc with a cutter. He follows that up with a figure 4, but Havoc rakes the eyes of Cody, and Cody is able to throw Havoc out of the ring and nail him with a suicide dive.

The match makes its way up the ramp and Jimmy grabs Cody by the tongue and delivers an uppercut to Cody. Back in the ring. Cody comes at Jimmy, but Jimmy hits an arm drag to Cody right into the turnbuckle and Cody grabs at his knee. Jimmy picks him back up quickly and he suplexes him right onto the turnbuckle once again!

Cody is able to counter to a clothesline over the ropes and then a suplex back in the ring. Cody takes his belt off and he tries for another springboard cutter, but Havoc counters into an armbar! Cody writhes in pain, but is somehow able to get to the ropes. Both men up and Jimmy is able to take Cody down by the arm again and starts to work in a wrist lock on Cody, but Cody once again grabs the ropes. Jimmy pulls him off and hits a short arm clothesline on Cody. Jimmy goes for the cover, and Cody kicks out at 2.

Both men battle in the corner and Cody is able to put Jimmy on the top turnbuckle. He grabs the head of Jimmy and hits him with a reverse suplex from the top rope! He picks up Jimmy and delivers not one, but two Crossrhodes to pick up the victory!

Winner: Cody

After the match, Jake the Snake has a message for Cody. He says that Lance Archer has been chomping at the bit to get in the ring from someone from All Elite Wrestling. He says to give them a chance. Bring your people, Cody. Bring Arn Anderson. Bring Cleopatra. Give us something to sign that says that Cody will face off against Archer.

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