AEW Dynamite Results (3/25): Jericho Confronts Hardy, Brodie Lee Debuts, Kenny Defends AAA Mega Title



Darby Allin is shown driving and talks about Kip Sabian. Says that there is nothing special about Kip Sabian. He says he has known some super bad people. He has learned his lesson about who he trusts. But tonight he is going to show that tonight he is nothing more than a sacrifice. A sacrifice for the sins of the Inner Circle.


The two men size each other up and we get a collar and elbow tie up. Darby gets a side headlock right away, but gets pushed off. Darby hits Kip with a shoulder block and Kip rolls to the side of the ring to regroup with Penelope.

Back once again, Darby gets a side headlock and Kip escapes once again outside the ring. Kip gets in and asks Darby for a test of strength, but he hits a kick to the gut of Darby. He tries to send Darby off the rope, but Darby is able to grab the arm and springboard off for an arm drag.

Kip comes after Darby and Darby hits him with a back elbow, then runs at him and hits a shotgun dropkick, sending Kip into the corner. He runs and hits a splash on Kip and then goes for a cover, but Kip kicks out at two. Darby gets out onto the apron and he looks to hit a move from the apron, but Penelope grabs the leg of Darby. Kip is able to hit Darby and then put him on the top rope, then a snap suplex off the top. Kip goes for the cover, but Darby kicks out. Kip looks to go after Darby, but Darby surprises Kip with The Last Supper pinning combination and gets the victory!

Winner: Darby Allin


Hager is going right after Chico, but Chico is showing his speed! Chico runs off the ropes and Jake catches him in an arm triangle and Chico goes right to sleep.

Winner: Jake Hager

After the match, Jon Moxley goes right into the ring and he and Hager start going at it! Moxley hits the Paradigm Shift on Hager! Moxley starts to gloat, but Hager grabs the ankle of Moxley and puts in the ankle lock! Moxley escapes and grabs the belt, but Hager gets away and walks to the back.

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