AEW Dynamite Results (3/25): Jericho Confronts Hardy, Brodie Lee Debuts, Kenny Defends AAA Mega Title



Moxley says that tonight Hager ran away, but they will meet again and “Big Platinum” will be on the line, and Hager will have to be carted out.


Brodie Lee is shown eating dinner with John Silver and Alex Reynolds, saying that the new Dark Order is a pack in numbers. They are going to take over and they are the lions. John Silver goes to eat, but Brodie kicks him out and says that no one eats before him. Alex Reynolds sneezes and Brodie gets upset and kicks him out.


Brodie goes right after QT and throws him out of the ring. He throws him into the barricade and then back into the ring. Lee springboards over and hits a senton on QT. He throws QT into the corner and then hits QT with two suplexes. Brodie stops and then hits QT with a discus lariat to pick up the victory.

Winner: Brodie Lee


The two circle the ring and then size each other up. Collar and elbow tie up to start and then they break up. Sammy is able to get a waist lock take down on Kenny, but Kenny fights up and starts to work the arm of Sammy. Kenny goes behind and then locks in a front chancery, but floats over and lets Sammy up.

Sammy gets a single leg takedown and then a front face lock. Kenny fights up and then works the wrist of Sammy once again. Sammy backflips out and then an arm drag to Kenny right out of the ring. Sammy chases Kenny out and then throws Kenny into the barricade. Sammy starts to work on Kenny’s fractured finger and slams it down onto the apron, then throws Kenny into the barricade!

The two men start to exchange chops, but Kenny Irish whips Sammy into the barricade. Sammy jumps up and over, and Kenny chases and Sammy surprises Kenny with a forearm. Kenny comes back and gets a snap suplex on Sammy on the outside. He throws Sammy into the steel steps twice and Sammy starts to favor the leg. He throws Sammy into the ring and Kenny goes up top and nails Sammy with a frog splash on Sammy Kenny goes for the cover, but Sammy kicks out. Kenny throws Sammy into the ropes and Sammy flips into an arm bar, but Kenny is quickly able to get to the ropes.

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