AEW Dynamite Results (3/18): Exalted One Is Revealed, A Broken Debut, Inner Circle vs The Elite


March, 18th, 2020


AEW Dynamite kicks off with Cody saying recent events have put into perspective how small the world is. He says he is about to ask three of the best athletes in the world to put aside their differences and to stand together. Cody says that the irony is, right now we as human beings need to stand together.

For many, it means standing at a distance, and we have to be responsible. However, there is a difference between listening to science and living in a prison of fear. Cody says he feels alive. Cody sends a message to Matt Jackson, saying he is a tag team master, but that doesn’t mean anything is owed to him.

He believes his anger was misplaced last week and he needs him to be an older brother to carry Nick’s giant heart into Blood & Guts. Cody then says he is tired of putting over Hangman Adam Page, saying he is the best wrestler in all of The Elite.

Cody tells Hangman to get over losing to Chris Jericho and says he needs to be the difference member. Cody then says he also has his most unique friendship in wrestling, he doesn’t always get on with Kenny Omega, but he needs him. He needs the real Kenny Omega who declared himself the best in the world.

Cody says he needs The Elite to be The Elite. Matt Jackson and Kenny Omega then head out to the ring where Kenny says normally he is speaking to an arena full of people but here we are. Kenny admits they haven’t always seen eye to eye, but here they are with the world falling apart around them, and they don’t know if they will have a Dynamite by next week.

But Kenny says if it’s up to him, they want to go out how they came in, as The Elite. Matt then points out he saw what Inner Circle did to Nick, he is out indefinitely, and it just the three of them as Matt questions where Adam Page is. Hangman then makes his way out and Matt says he knows things have been strange, and he doesn’t think they can fix things right now.

However, he is asking Hangman as a man if tonight, and at Blood & Guts if Hangman will stand with them. Adam Page raises his glass and nods to them, giving his answer. Kenny says it is hard to feel the energy of the fans and admits all they can do is give their best.

He says everyone needs entertainment, and he tells AEW to hit the lights and the pyro as he officially starts AEW Dynamite.


MJF is interviewed by Tony Schiavone, as he says he doesn’t have to wrestle, despite how good the winner’s purse is tonight. But he doesn’t need that money, so he sits down at the side and starts gambling with Shawn Spears.


Trent Baretta kicks things off with Rey Fenix and the Death Triangle member tries to take advantage with a cheap shot early, but Trent stops it. The two men then begin unloading on strikes against each other, with Fenix getting the best of things until Trent explodes with a double knees.

Chuck Taylor then joins in for the first time and Best Friends work together to take down Rey. Chucky T connects with a great dropkick, but Rey manages to kick out. Trent returns to the match hitting the double axehandle, but Rey begins fighting back and catches Trent with a poke to the eyes.

He then unloads with a bunch of quick strikes and Pentagon Jr finally tags in and unloads with a huge kick to Trent as the Lucha Bros hit a double team of stereo superkicks. The duo then hit another great double move with Fenix catching Trent with an amazing splash as he then takes out Chucky T on the outside.

Orange Cassidy then distracts Rey Fenix, which allows Trent to take out Pentagon on the outside. However, Rey Fenix then flies over the top rope to attack him and Chuck Taylor then continues the action by attacking him as well.

The Lucha Bros continue their dominance back in the ring with a big thrust kick from Pentagon which catches Trent flush in the face. However, Trent continues fighting back, using the ropes to his advantage, climbing up to hit a DDT.

Both teams get the tags and Chuck Taylor immediately takes out Rey Fenix and then catches a big knee strike to Pentagon. Best Friends hit an assisted cutter and they go for a hug but then stop and just touch elbows due to Coronavirus.

Lucha Bros take advantage of that situation, but Orange Cassidy steps up from the announce desk and ends up taking them out with a leap of faith from the stage. Chucky T hits a piledriver on Pentagon back in the ring, but the masked wrestler is able to kick out.

Fenix and Taylor end up brawling on the top turnbuckle to distract the official which allows Pentagon to hit a low blow on Trent. Lucha Bros then pick up the win with a top double team.

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