AEW Dynamite Results (3/18): Exalted One Is Revealed, A Broken Debut, Inner Circle vs The Elite


After the loss, Tony Schiavone interviews Best Friends, and Chuck Taylor says they’re a bunch of chumps and he says next time they don’t need refs or rings. Instead, they challenge the Lucha Bros to a street fight, which Trent then changes. He challenges them to meet them in the parking lot next week.


Instantly Kip Sabian tries to get involved on Penelope Ford’s behalf, but he gets treated to a right hand from Hikaru Shida and Kris Statlander. While they’re all on the outside brawling, Riho dives from the top rope with a crossbody to take everyone down.

Riho then continues to dominate, picking up the pace against Shida, but she is then caught by Statlander who has too much power and she ends up being set on the second rope. However, Shida turns that to her favor by sending Statlander into Riho.

Statlander and Shida then go back and forth with a poke to the eye working for Shida, but Statlander connects with a big clothesline. Riho then catches Statlander with a  hurricanrana and she teams up with Penelope Ford to suplex Shida.

Ford and Riho are the only two in the ring, and Kip Sabian helps out several times, but that is until Riho launches herself off Penelope to take out Kip on the ring apron. Shida returns with a boot to the face of Riho but she gets her own from Penelope Ford.

Kris Statlander then returns to action with a roundhouse kick to Shida and she then lifts up Riho and just slams her face-first on top of her. Ford hits an amazing poisonrana to Statlander, but her back handspring attempt is met with a dropkick from behind by Shida who follows up with the Falcon Arrow. Shida follows it with a running knee strike and secures the win.

Winner: Hikaru Shida


Tony Schiavone is then shown with Colt Cabana at ringside and he admits this is pretty weird. He says he is doing some scouting and says Penelope Ford would be better without Kip Sabian. He calls out Colt and the two of them have a slight back and forth with Colt getting the best of the situation with a big slap.

We are then shown a pre-taped issue from earlier today with Jon Moxley not being allowed in as he isn’t medically cleared. He says he has never been medically cleared, but he will always be in the Inner Circle’s blind spot as he says that whenever Blood&Guts happens, he won’t miss the party for the world.

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