AEW Dynamite Results (3/18): Exalted One Is Revealed, A Broken Debut, Inner Circle vs The Elite



The Blade starts out the match dominating Jungle Boy in the corner, unloading with chops and kicks, but Jungle Boy picks up the pace out of the corner and The Blade struggles to catch him. However, he eventually does get the best of the situation with a big knee.

Jungle Boy manages to charge The Blade into the corner to take in Luchasaurus as he takes down The Blade. However, on the outside, the power of The Butcher is too much as they charge Jungle Boy into the barricade and they then drop him headfirst onto the apron.

Back in the ring, the heels continue to work down Jungle Boy in their corner as The Butcher then drags his opponents face all over the top rope. The Blade continues the assault on Jungle Boy, isolating him from making a tag as he remains in their corner.

Jungle Boy attempts to fight out of the situation but it ends up being stopped with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Once again in the corner, Jungle Boy keeps fighting and it works out as Luchasaurus finally tags in. He instantly picks up the pace and catches The Blade with some hugs kicks as he hits a moonsault to the outside on The Butcher.

Luchasaurus plants The Blade down and goes for the pin, but The Butcher manages to make the save. The two big men then begin going back and forth with punches and The Butcher gets the best of it until Luchasaurus avoids a lariat and follows up with a kick to the back.

He then attempts a Chokeslam, but The Blade hits him from behind to take advantage, the two of them then hit a double team and this time Jungle Boy saves the match. MJF then screams for their finisher from the outside, but that brief distraction allows Jungle Boy to send The Butcher out of the ring. Jurrasic Express then hits a big double team on The Blade and they earn the win.

Winners: Jurassic Express


The Dark Order then make their way out to the ring as Evil Uno says he hopes the AEW production team is as smart as they believe. He tells them to focus on his eyes as he tells us that the Exalted One is near and tonight people will see what he does.

He says that Evil Uno never lies or breaks his promises as he cares about us. He says together, we are one and the Exalted One is near. However SCU then screams for them to stop, Christopher Daniels says it has been like this for three months and he is sick of the lies.

Daniels claims he hasn’t made any of the people who wear the masks any better, all he has done is waste peoples time. Daniels says the biggest lie is that there is an Exalted One, but then a video package is shown.

The Exalted One introduces himself (doesn’t show himself) but says they do what they want, when they want. He says if he wants something he takes it, he says if they knock on a door, they open it and let them in. The Exalted One is then revealed…BRODIE LEE!

Lee says Christopher Daniels is very unsafe. He says he isn’t the first out of touch old man to not believe in him, but he is going to make sure he is not the last. Brodie then introduces himself as the Exalted One.

The lights then go out and when they come back on, Brodie Lee is in the ring as he takes out Daniels with a huge boot and a huge discus clothesline.

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