AEW Dynamite Results (3/18): Exalted One Is Revealed, A Broken Debut, Inner Circle vs The Elite



Jake Roberts says he gave respect, but he got nothing. He says he is a Hall Of Famer and should be listened to, Jake Roberts says they don’t play games. He says it is one thing for Cody to stay away from them, but to ignore them is something they won’t have. Jake challenges Cody to shut him up if they can, but he doesn’t think he can.

Roberts says he is here for a specific reason, but Cody has had his chance to meet him straight on, but now they will get his attention.

We are then shown a video package of a ring in the woods as everyone around the ring is told that Lance Archer will take on any challenge. He hits the ring, taking out the first opponent who challenges him. He then does the same with the next man, saying that everybody dies. Lance Archer eventually wipes out everyone involved.


Santana makes the most of a slight distraction from MJF on the outside and he instantly attacks Cody from behind. However, Cody manages to respond with a brilliant power slam as Santana bounces off the ropes, but the Inner Circle waste little time in gaining control again with the tag team hitting a double team.

Ortiz tags in, but he is dropped by Cody who brings in Matt Jackson as he attacks the arm of Ortiz. Matt then tags in Cody rather than Hangman, which he doesn’t take too kindly to. Page and Cody hit a double team on Ortiz and Hangman then just takes Ortiz out with a big boot, but doesn’t want to high five either man.

Santana then gets back into the ring, but he gets speared by Matt Jackson. Hangman tags him from behind and Santana immediately starts dominating with a chop until Hangman fires back with a clothesline in the corner. Hangman tags in Cody, with animosity being clear between The Elite members.

In the ring, Stana drops Cody out of the ring as LAX dominate him. Back in the ring, Jake Hager hits his version of the Vader Bomb, but Cody kicks out. Once again though on the outside, Sammy Guevara attacks Cody, making the most of the official being distracted.

The Inner Circle then continues to dominate as they pass Cody around between each other, with Ortiz then dropping him with the suplex. Ortiz then takes the fight outside the ring, launching Cody into the barricade several times until Matt Jackson stops him.

Back in the ring, Santana catches Cody with a great kick to the head as Jake Hager then starts the ground and pound. Matt Jackson tries to get involved, without making a tag which is stopped, but out of nowhere, Cody manages to hit Cross Rhodes to Ortiz.

However, Jake Hager stops the tag, but he gets dumped over the ropes and Santana then hits the ring to knock Cody’s partner off the apron. Hager continues to wear down Cody, but his next Vader Bomb attempt is met with a big boot from Cody.

He finally makes the hot tag to Hangman Page and both Ortiz and Satana are taken out straight away as he then flings himself over the top rope to take down Hager. Cody hits a suicide dive to Ortiz and he then launches him into MJF. Wardlow starts choking him until Arn Anderson attacks him from behind.

Adam Page is taken out by Jake Hager as Matt Jackson wipes out Santana. Hager gets involved but Hangman and Matt Jackson work together to take him out. Matt and Hangman then look to hit the Indytaker, working together, but as Hangman looks to get into the ring he is dragged down by Jake Hager. This allows Santana to get a roll-up on Matt Jackson and The Inner Circle has the advantage for Blood & Guts.


Chris Jericho then takes the microphone and brags about how they have The Elite outnumbered but then a drone appears… it’s Vanguard 1! Matt Jackson says they’re not outnumbered as he called someone who owes him a favor and the piano begins to play and Matt Hardy is shown in the arena!

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