AEW Dynamite Results (5/6) – Hardy & Omega vs. Le Sex Gods In A Street Fight, Moxley Has A New Challenger


MAY 6, 2020


Cody comes out to his pomp and circumstance. He and Janela circle the ring and then we get a collar and elbow tie up and Cody backs up Janela to the ropes but the referee breaks them up. Janela goes after Cody and Cody hits him with a shoulder block. Janela gets back up and Janel gets a leaping sunset flip on Cody. The two go back and forth with countering pins before Janela just gets up and slaps Cody across the chest. Cody responds with a chop of his own and Janela responds with a knee to the midsection of Cody.

Cody comes back with some chops and then chops Janela in the back. Janela is rocks in the corner now and Cody starts to take it to Janela in the corner. Cody picks up Janela and puts in a stalling front suplex before dropping Janela to the mat. Janela responds with a low drop kick and then a rake to the back. He hits Cody with a forearm to the face and Cody gets backed up into the corner. Janela throws Cody hard into the corner and Cody falls hard onto the mat.

Janela picks up Cody before delivering a back suplex and going for a cover, but Cody kicks out at 2. Janela picks up Cody and delivers a snap mare before locking in a body scissors. Janela squeezes away on Cody, and Cody is struggling to breathe. Cody fights out, but he gets up right into a right hand by Janela. Cody rolls out of the ring and Janela follows before sending him hard into the barricade. Janela keeps following and hits him again with a series of chops on the outside. The match makes its way to the ramp and Janela gets a running start to splash Cody, but Janela whiffs and hits the ropes and goes crashing and burning.

Cody goes to the top of the stage and hits Janela with a moonsault off the top! He puts Janela back in the ring but Janela scores with a superkick! Janela goes to the top rope and hits Cody with an elbow drop and goes for the cover! 1….2…….Cody kicks out! Janela goes back up to the top, but this time Cody blocks Janela and is able to hit a reverse suplex from the top! Cody goes for the cover and only gets a two count. Cody gets back up and springboards off the 2nd rope to go for a disaster kick, but Janela catches him and hits a HARD German suplex!

Cody struggles to get up and Joey Janela bounces off the ropes repeatedly to get momentum and nail Cody with a HARD lariat! Janela tries to send Cody to the corner and Cody climbs the corner and jumps off to hit a Cody Cutter! Cody goes for the cover….1……2…….Janela kicks out! The two get up to their feet and then they start trading rights and left back and forth and its a slugfest! Cody plays possum by “being out on his feet” so Janela takes the bait and Cody sucks him in to hit the CrossRhodes and pick up the victory!

Winner: Cody

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