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September 2, 2020

Santana and Ortiz look to enter the ring for her match, but they’re jumped from behind by the Best Friends! Santana and Ortiz get the upper hand and we get Chuck Taylor duplexed on the outside! Santana and Ortiz start to beat down on him, but Trent jumps off the stage onto Santana and Ortiz!

We get some chairs out and Chuck back body drops Santana into the crowd, and now the fight is focused on Ortiz as Chuck starts to set up a table of Chairs on the outside! As soon as he’s done, Santana grabs one of the chairs and tosses it right in the face of Chuck Taylor! Santana brings Chuckie onto the stage and looks to power bomb Chuck onto the table of chairs and Chuck back body drops Santana onto the stage!

The fight continues up top and Santana throws Chuck off right onto the table of chairs!! Santana and Trent get into the ring and now we start the match!


Trent is all alone against Santana and Santana hits him with a double knees right away. He starts to step on the throat of Trent before tagging in Ortiz and delivering a double suplex onto Trent. Ortiz looks to make a cover, but Trent kicks out. He picks up Trent and delivers a gutwrench suplex in the middle of the ring.

The match makes its way outside and Trent tries to come back with a spear to Santana, but Santana leap frogs and Trent goes right into the barricade! Chuck Taylor starts to stir  as Trent is thrown into the ring. Santana and Ortiz look to double clothesline Trent, but Trent goes underneath and tags in Chuck!

Chuck comes in and tosses both Santana and Ortiz to the outside and then hits a Tope con Hiro to the outside onto both men! Chuck is exhausted and hurt, but still comes back into the ring and tags in Trent, who how hits Santana with a running knee! Trent gets out onto the apron and Ortiz holds the legs of Trent on the outside while Santana pushes Trent to the outside and Trent lands on steel steps!

Back on the inside, Santana and Ortiz hit the Street Sweeper to pick up the victory!

Winners: Proud and Powerful


MJF starts to cut a promo and he’s interrupted to be told that Mark (his lawyer) locked himself inside the dressing room. Wardlow busts down the door and MJF puts him against the wall to tell him that he has two choices. He can get in that ring or he can get put into a wood chipper!

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