AEW Dynamite Results (9/2): Thunder Rosa Makes Her Debut, Jon Moxley vs. MJF’s Lawyer, What Is The Emotional State Of Hangman Page?



Jungleboy and Frankie Kazarian start the match and we get some good chain wrestling that keeps going back and forth. Matt Jackson is tagged in and Christopher Daniels comes in and Daniels gets the best of Matt Jackson and Matt gets out of the ring to collect himself and comes across a sign that says “HANGMAN DRINK MY BEER”. Matt rips up the sign and pours that beer all over the head of the fan.

Back in the ring, Kazarian gets back in and Jungleboy once again and Kazarian clotheslines the soul out of Jungleboy. Kazarian forces Nick Jackson into the ring and responses with a cutter! Kazarian puts Jungleboy in the corner and he hits him with a couple of chops, following it up with some stomps. He picks up Jungleboy and proceeds to slam him right in the middle of the ring before going for a cover. Jungleboy kicks out and Kazarian stays on him with some forearms, the Christopher Daniels comes in.

Daniels taunts the other corner before hitting Jungleboy with a right hand, then tagging in Isaah Cassidy. Cassidy goes to swing and he misses and gets hit with a HUGE Olympic Slam! Jungleboy tags in Luchasaurus, who clears  house! He looks to nail Private Party with a double chokeslam, but they slip out and dropkick Luchasaurus!

Chaos breaks out for a while here, but Luchasaurus once again able to clear the ring. Jungleboy hits a suicide dive to the outside taking out everyone! Matt Jackson tags himself him and he and Nick Jackson hit Marq Quen with the BTETrigger to pick up the victory!

Winners: The Young Bucks & Jungle Express


Tully Blanchard is backstage with FTR  and telling them that they did what he told them to do, which was win the gauntlet. Now on Saturday, they have to take the prize. They aren’t going to give it away, they have to take it. And he is going to watch them take it. Cash Wheeler says its the most important match of their lives is this weekend. Their legacy means nothing if they walk out without the AEW Tag Team Champions. Dax Harwood says that while he likes Hangman Page, he likes that prestige just a little bit more. Top Guys. Out

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