AEW Dynamite Results (9/2): Thunder Rosa Makes Her Debut, Jon Moxley vs. MJF’s Lawyer, What Is The Emotional State Of Hangman Page?



Kenny Omega comes out to the ring without Hangman Page and he says that he’s been fooled by FTR, but he says that he hopes FTR brings their A game because Kenny and Hangman will.

FTR come out with Tully Blanchard and Dax says that they had their run, and they have no problem with them. He says they respect him but he hopes that this Saturday they hope they have an athletic contest.

Kenny says that all he wants is to leave before he has to spend another minute in the ring with them. But since they’re all here, they might as well get going since its 2 on 1. Hangman Page comes out and FTR says that it wasn’t them that made him doubt himself or made him turn on his best friends. It was himself. He did it to himself and he knows he’s just a scared little boy. They pick up the tag titles and look to hand them the titles back, but they drop them on the floor instead. When Hangman picks up the titles, Kenny isn’t even in the ring….


Orange Cassidy is sitting ringside and Jericho has the early advantage, pummeling Joey Janela. He hits his usuals of his shoulder blocks and forearms, establishing the pace and smiling at Cassidy every chance he can. He looks to deliver a back body drop, but Janela gets out and starts to hit right hands, but Jericho quickly hits him with a Code Breaker and follows it up with a Walls of Jericho before tapping out.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Jericho isn’t done, as he starts to beat down Janela. Jericho takes the turnbuckle off and slams the head of Janela into it, busting him open. Orange Cassidy comes in, but he’s ambushed by Jake Hager and he and Jericho beat down Cassidy. Sonny Kiss comes out to help out, but he’s PLANTED by Jake Hager. Cassidy uses the distraction to push Hager out of the ring and then takes the beat down to Jericho before the two retreat.

Orange Cassidy reaches into a bag and grabs a Little Bit of the Bubbly and give it the thumbs down and pours it into the ring!

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