AEW Dynamite Results (9/2): Thunder Rosa Makes Her Debut, Jon Moxley vs. MJF’s Lawyer, What Is The Emotional State Of Hangman Page?



Moxley starts by pushing Mark down – but Mark gets up. Moxley offers Sterling a free shot. Sterling goes for a swing but Mox dodges and slaps the hell out of Sterling. Sterling rolls to the outside to collect himself. He gets back in the ring and pokes Moxley in the eye, but Moxley answers back by throwing Sterling to the outside and then into the barricades.

Moxley starts to throw chairs on top of Sterling, then rips off his shoe and starts to beat him down. He throws Sterling in and proceeds to hit the Paradigm Shift to pick up the victory.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Wardlow comes in and he levels Moxley. He begins to beat him down and MJF comes out, complete with neck brace and walker. MJF throws the walker away and rips the neck brace off then storms the ring and proceeds to beat the living hell out of Moxley. He strangles him and stomps on him and then puts on the ring and smashes him in the face, leaving Moxley bloodied. MJF stands tall over Moxley holding up the AEW World Championship.

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