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8/27 AEW Dynamite Results: Tag Team Gauntlet, ALL OUT Contract Signing, Tables Match & More



aew dynamite results

Welcome to our exclusive live coverage of this week’s special Thursday night AEW Dynamite live on TNT. Results provided by PW Managing Editor Mike Killam. Give me a follow on Twitter @MikeKillam, and follow @prowrestlingcom on Facebook and Instagram.

AEW Dynamite Results
Thursday, August 27, 2020
Jacksonville, FL

Chris Jericho makes his way to the commentary table, as he’ll be providing a little bit of the color for tonight’s show, alongside Jim Ross and Tony Sciavone.

There are about 500 people in attendance tonight and they’re all mic’d very well. Jericho takes a minute to bask in the crowd singing his theme song for the first time in way, way too long.

#1 Contender’s Tag Team Gauntlet Match

So here’s how this one works. The #4 team will start against the #3 ranked team. The winner wrestles #2, and that winner wrestles #1. Whoever wins the gauntlet moves on to ALL OUT to face Hangman Page and Kenny Omega for the titles. It’s actually really smart, as the #4 ranked team will have to work 3x harder than the top ranked team to earn their way in.

The Natural Nightmares (#4) vs. The Young Bucks (#3)

Dustin gets in some serious shots early in, but the Bucks quickly take over and out-pace their opponents with some lightning quick offense, alternating in with quick tags. QT is taken out on the floor early, and the Bucks go to work on Dustin.

Rhodes eventually fights back and surprises Matt with a Canadian Destroyer, making the hot tag to his partner. QT cleans house with clotheslines and tries for a double QT Special, but the Bucks sidestep and catch him with stereo superkicks. The BTE Trigger connects, and it’s over.

The Young Bucks (#3) vs. Best Friends (#2)

Matt hits an early springboard facebuster on Chuck and tries to roll into a moonsault off the apron, but Trent sidesteps and takes him out. Best Friends double team Matt for several minutes with tandem moves, working his arm and slowing Jackson down as much as they can. Working the advantage of being the fresh team.

They set up for a piledriver on the apron but Matt wriggles free, superkicks one, and hits a Northern Lights suplex on the other. In comes Nick, hitting a train of Northern Lights on Trent. He trades punches with Chuck, starts to throw forearms at both, but he turns around into a big spinebuster.

Matt nearly gets the hot tag, but Best Friends knock him off the apron and do their hug spot in the middle of the ring. Strong Zero coming, but Nick rolls em up for a very close nearfall. Nick gets the tag and lights up both opponents with knife-edge chops. Matt hangs up Trent on the apron, and his brother takes them both to the floor with a senton.

Back in the ring, Matt connects with an assisted 450 splash with Trent in the ropes, but still can’t get the three. The Bucks set up for the Meltzer Driver, but Hangman Page jumps the barricade and trips Matt Jackson off the apron! Trent rolls up Nick! 1… 2… 3!

Best Friends (#2) vs. FTR (#1)

Chuck nearly an early three after knocking one of the FTR off the apron and rolling up the other. He actually had a visual three-count, but for whatever reason the ref just stood there for like literally 5 seconds before realizing he should be counting.

FTR slows things down, working over Chuck and going after the knee. Cash comes off the top rope with a stomp to the knee, while Dax has a Figure Four locked in. Dax then simply locks in a submission on the knee and gets the win. Most of that took place during the commercial, I guess.

Winners & New #1 Contenders: FTR




AEW The House Always Wins Results (4/9): TNT Title Defense, 10-Man Tag Headline First Ever House Show



All Elite Wrestling held their first ever house show on Friday night in Jacksonville, FL headlined by Darby Allin defending the TNT Championship against the winner of a battle royal that took place earlier in the show.

The co-main event of the evening saw a huge 10-man tag team match featuring AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, Michael Nakazawa and the Young Bucks teaming up with DDT Pro’s debuting Konosuke Takeshita.

AEW The House Always Wins
April 9, 2021
Jacksonville, FL

  1. TNT Title #1 Contender’s Battle Royal: The Butcher def. Austin Gunn, Colt Cabana, Colten Gunn, the Dark Order’s 10, Dustin Rhodes, Ethan Page, Lance Archer, Powerhouse Hobbs, Ricky Starks and Scorpio Sky.
  2. The Pinnacle def. Jurassic Express & Dante Martin
  3. Jade Cargill def. Reka Tahaka
  4. Street Fight: Cody Rhodes def. Aaron Solow
  5. Best Friends def. Max Caster & TH2
  6. Eddie Kingston def. Cezar Bononi
  7. Hikaru Shida & Red Velvet & Ryo Mizunami & Tay Conti def. Britt Baker & The Bunny & Nyla Rose & Rebel
  8. Death Triangle & The Sydal Brothers def. Kenny Omega & Konosuke Takeshita & Michael Nakazawa & The Young Bucks
  9. TNT Title Match: Darby Allin (c) def. The Butcher

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Christian Cage Compares His AEW Debut To Joining TNA In 2005




Christian Cage recently spoke about joining AEW, comparing it to when he left WWE to join TNA back in 2005.

The new AEW star spoke with ET Canada’s Shakiel Mahjouri, where he compared the two, discussing the importance of him betting on himself in both those scenarios.

“When I left in 2005, it was more to bet on myself and to prove a point. I felt like I was stuck in a rut. I felt like I needed to get away in order to come back and be better than I was. I needed to step away and prove that I can work at and wrestle at the top of the card and carry a show. I felt like if I just stayed in WWE, I wasn’t necessarily going to get that opportunity no matter what reactions or the quality of matches that I was putting on. So I needed to kind of bet on myself, get out of their face for a little while, go and prove that even if it was on a smaller scale that I could do that. I feel like I did. then I came back. This time is a little bit different. I didn’t leave WWE because I wasn’t under contract with WWE. I hadn’t been under contract for WWE in probably six, seven years at this point in time. So it was a choice that I made. I needed the best platform for me at this stage of my career where I felt like I could go out and do my best work and also elevate the next generation that is coming up behind me.”

Christian was also asked what is on his bucket list for his career, where Cage made it clear that right now it is to simply just be back and be able to write the final chapter of his career on his own terms.

“Yeah, I mean, right now, just to come back and to compete at a high level. If I couldn’t come back and be what I was, if not better, I wouldn’t even attempt this and for me, the only goal that I have is to put on quality matches and to be able to write this final chapter myself. It never sat well with me that I was told that this was done. So now that I’ve been kind of gifted this opportunity to rewrite this final chapter on my own, I don’t take that lightly. So I’m going to go out there and whether I’m working in main events, I’m working for championships, whether I become the champion, that’s all icing on the cake. But for me just to go out there and have quality matches and, at the same time, elevate and help teach the younger generation coming up and make sure that they’re set up for success in the future.” (H/T to for the transcriptions)

You can check out the full interview below:

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STF Underground Episode 100! WrestleMania Prediction Round Table, Guest Cameos From Sammy Guevara, Joaquin Wilde, & More!



STF Underground

Welcome to EPISODE 100 of STF Underground!

In this episode we celebrate 100 episodes strong with a WrestleMania round table. This episode features guest cameos from previous guests such as Sammy Guevara, Joaquin Wilde, & more! PLUS, a surprise run in that you won’t want to miss!


Facebook: STF Underground Podcast
Twitter/IG: @STFUnderground

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