8/27 AEW Dynamite Results: Tag Team Gauntlet, ALL OUT Contract Signing, Tables Match & More


Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fenix & The Butcher & The Blade vs. Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela & Brian Pillman Jr. & Griff Garrison

I’m going to get about 10% of these moves, I guarantee it. Lucha Bros start with an insane flurry of offense, taking all four opponents to the floor. We’re heading to an quick picture-in-picture commercial break. They totally dominated the DARK stars throughout.

Kiss eventually fights back with punches in the corner and takes down Fenix with a tilt-a-wirl rana from the second rope. He tries for the diving splits leg drop, but Fenix dodges and heads to the top rope. Janela goes after him but Pentagon gets in between them and delivers a piledriver on the apron!

Pillman and The Blade begin to trade huge chops. Pillman hits a superkick but the big man barely registers it. Things totally break down into an 8-way brawl and the Lucha Bros. hit the assisted Pentagon Driver to win it.

Winners: Lucha Bros. & The Butcher & The Blade

Eddie Kingston jumps on the mic and tells the fans to stop chanting for him, he knows his own name. He announces that all four of his boys will be in the Casino Battle Royale at ALL OUT.

The Dark Order Presents TNT Champion Brodie Lee

The Dark Order dances to the stage carrying a casket. Evil Uno announces that they are throwing a proper funeral for the career of Cody Rhodes. For some reason there are lawn mowers everywhere. I’m not kidding. They open the casket and “10” is laying inside with a Cody tattoo on his neck. They said they have buried the Prince in order to make way for a new King.

TNT Champion Brodie Lee makes his way to the ring wearing the most amazing green suit. Tony Sciavone joins him for an interview and says he doesn’t see anyone taking that TNT title away from him for a very long time.

Brodie says the era of the Open Challenge is over. He tells all the little independent wrestlers to go back where they came from, because the handouts are done, and Cody is NEVER getting that title back.

The Dark Order start chanting “you deserve it!” and he tells them to shut the hell up. One of them congratulates Brodie and goes a bit too crazy, so he punches them in the face and resumes ranting.

Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall run out looking to get revenge, but… it’s literally a 10-on-2 beatdown. Scorpio Sky is next and he manages to clear the ring, and comes face to face with the champ. Anna Jay gets in the ring and slaps him across the face, and Brodie clobbers Sky from behind.

Evil Uno tells Brodie to go to the back with Colt Cabana and Anna Jay, saying the Dark Order will finish taking care of business. Matt Cardona runs out and gives him the Rough Ryder, and the babyfaces recover, taking out the trash. Brodie Lee comes back out and kicks Uno, before raising the TNT title with a smile on his face.


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