8/27 AEW Dynamite Results: Tag Team Gauntlet, ALL OUT Contract Signing, Tables Match & More


Dasha attempts to interview Hangman Page in the arena bar, but the Young Bucks came in and started screaming at him. They claim Hangman never wanted to be in the Elite and since November they have been clinging to something that doesn’t exist anymore. Matt throws Hangman’s whiskey in his face and calls him a drunk, and Nick says he’s out of The Elite!

3-on-1 Handicap Match
Big Swole vs. Penelope Ford, Reba & Dr. Britt Baker

Britt Baker is in her wheelchair on the outside of the ring. Big Swole starts out with great offense against both, but eventually the numbers game gets the best of her as Baker continues to trip her up and take cheap shots with a crutch. Swole ends up getting the quick win anyways. Somehow this DID NOT end with Britt getting out of her chair to blindside her.

Winner: Big Swole

The Dark Order comes back out and offers a folder to Taynara Conti. She’s hesitant to do so, but eventually takes it and hugs her Tag Team Cup partner Anna Jay. Alright then!

Tables Match
Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara

4 out of the 9 minutes this match had took place in picture-in-picture. They brawled a lot on the outside going back and forth, using every object they could get their hands on. Sammy got busted open before they even came back.

Hardy hits a Side Effect on the apron! He sets Sammy on a table and runs the apron, but crashes and burns through the table! Apparently the rules are that you must physically and intentionally put your opponent through a table, so that didn’t count as Matt essentially put himself through it.

Matt battled back with wild rights and hit him with a steel chair. TWIST OF FATE INTO THE CHAIR! He goes under the ring and pulls out a table with “DELETED!” painted on it. He puts it on top of the set up chair, so whoever goes through it is going to do serious damage to their back.

Both men are covered in blood. Sammy has a huge cut on the side of his face. Sammy fights back and teases a superplex through the table…. and does it!

Winner: Sammy Guevara

The show is about to go off the air, but Orange Cassidy runs out and blindsides Chris Jericho. The two fist fight all over the arena as a heard of referees try to separate them. Jericho tackles Orange to the ground and pelts him with rights and lefts. The officials finally put them apart, but Y2J breaks free and they collide again as Dynamite fades to black.

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