AEW Dynamite Results (11/20): Jon Moxley vs Darby Allin, Chris Jericho Promises Major Announcement & More


NOVEMBER 20, 2019


With Matt Jackson out of commission, Nick Jackson is here to go! Collar and elbow tie up to start and then the guys trade shoulder blocks. Nick finally gets the upperhand but Fenix comes back and nails Nick with a dropkick. Nick gets onto the apron and Fenix tries to hit Nick off the apron but Nick backflips off to land on the ground. Fenix comes out and tries for an arm drag, but Nick blocks. Nick tries for one of his own, but Fenix blocks. They both get in the ring and the two try for dropkicks before they stand up and we have a stalemate!

Nick sends Fenix to the outside and tries to hit a splash, but Fenix moves and NIck crashes and burns. He sends Nick back in and climbs to the top before hitting a HUGE senton. He goes for the cover, but Nick kicks out. Both men up now, and start to battle on the top rope! Nick turns it into a hurricanrana and goes for the cover! 1………..2……..Fenix kicks out!!!

Nick goes for a wheelbarrow, but Fenix rolls through. Both men up and hit kicks, but then Fenix hits Nick with a big superkick. Now they trade superkicks back and forth before both men are on the mat! The referee starts to count the ten! Finally back up and both men start trading right hands. Fenix puts Nick on the apron and tight rope walks before jumping up and hitting a hurricanrana to Nick sending him flying to the outside! He sends Nick back to the inside and goes for the pin, but once again, Nick kicks out!

Once again the men make it to their feet and start to trade big boots on the apron. Nick gets the go behind on Fenix and delivers a SICK German Suplex onto the ring apron! He throws Fenix back into the ring and then springboards a face buster! He steps back out onto the apron before nailing an INCREDIBLE Destroyer!!!! Nick goes for the cover but Fenix kicks out! Back on their feet, Fenix sends Nick into the corner and springboards up to hit a spinning back kick! He picks up Nick and hits Nick with a spinning muscle buster to pick up the victory!!! WHAT A MATCH!!!!

Winner: Rey Fenix

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