AEW Dynamite Results (11/13): Jon Moxley’s Open Challenge, Inner Circle Challenge for Tag Team Gold, More



NOVEMBER 13, 2019


We see a video of Kenny Omega going through a physical check, and you can see the cuts and bruises across his body. The doctor tells him he’s not cleared, but he asks how Moxley is doing. The doctor says he’s banged up too, but that he’s cleared. Omega nods and leaves the room


Nakazawa starts fast, attacking Mox, but Moxley comes back with a quick hard clothesline on Nakazawa. He puts Nakazawa in the corner and starts hitting him with punches before sending him into the other corner. Nakazawa nails him with a back elbow and then comes after him. Moxley counters with a kick and then plants Nakazawa with a Paradigm Shift to pick up the quick victory.

Winner: Jon Moxley

Moxley gets on the mic and he asks if that one counted? He says that he told everyone exactly what was going to happen at Full Gear, and he delivered. Kenny Omega will never be the same again. He says that even if they have personal differences, Omega had the balls to step in the ring with Moxley and no one else is going to have the balls to do that again. But people can’t hide and he is planning on going through everyone until there is ONE LAST MAN STANDING.

BUT, if there is anyone that wants to confront the only man that presents real danger to let him know. He says that if they let him know, he will be happy to let them know where they stand in the food chain. But make sure to kiss their loved ones goodbye, call an ambulance, and no one can ask him for any apologies.


Marko starts the match with Evil Uno and Mark goes right after him with punches and leg kicks. Evil Uno tries to pick him up, but Stunt is able to get an arm drag and Uno tags in Grayson. Stunt tags in Jungleboy and Jungleboy gets a leg scissors on Grayson. He tags in Marko Stunt again and Stunt hurricanrana’s Grayson onto the bottom rope before jumping off Jungleboy and flipping onto Grayson.

Stunt looks to jump off the ropes now and Uno looks to get involved, which stops Stunt in his tracks. The distraction allows for Grayson to tag in Uno and slam Stunt to the mat hard. Uno goes up to the top and nails Stunt with a senton from the top. Grayson is now tagged in and they put Stunt on the apron before slingshotting himself off the ropes and nailing a senton.

Uno is back in now, and he hits Marko with right hands and is relentless. Marko starts to come back with some right hands and runs off the ropes. He’s popped up by Uno and Uno gets a DDT! Marko is able to get to Jungleboy, who hits a suicide dive onto Stu Grayson. Jungleboy hits Evil Uno with a running knee and goes for the cover, but Grayson comes in and tries to splash Jungleboy, but Jungleboy moves out of the way and Grayson splashes Evil Uno! Jungleboy does a backflip onto both men!

Marko Stunt is tagged back in and Jungleboy helps him springboard off the ropes to hit a Dragonrana onto Grayson! Stunt goes for the cover, but Evil Uno pushes Jungleboy into Stunt! Jungleboy goes to the outside and gets hit by a knee by Grayson. Back in the ring, they pick up Mark Stunt and deliver the Fatality to pick up the victory.

Winners: The Dark Order

After the match, Evil Uno says to Marko that he could be a winner if he wanted to join them. He throws him a “Creeper” mask, but Jungleboy comes in and throws it away and hands Marko his Babysaurus mask. Uno orders the creepers to attack Jungleboy and Marko Stunt, so they do! They start dismantling them until we hear some familiar music…..LUCHASAURUS IS BACK!!!!


One of the creepers runs up the ramp and he gets a big boot, laying him flat onto the ramp. Luchasaurus comes further down and a creeper jumps from the top rope to him, but Luchasaurus counters with a MASSIVE HEADBUTT! He gets in the ring and there are three creepers left in front of him and Evil Uno & Stu Grayson! Luchasaurus does his “Tail Whip” spinning back round house and takes out all three!

Evil Uno gets out of the ring but Luchasaurus gets Stu Grayson and hits him with a massive suplex!

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