9/16 AEW Dynamite Results: Best Friends Battle Inner Circle In Insane Parking Lot Fight, Jericho Joins The Tag Division


MJF defeated Shawn Dean.  This took place 99% during the commercial break. As in, they went to break with MJF making his entrance, and came back to Dean tapping out.

MJF gets on the mic and calls himself “a very honest man”, which the crowd loudly disagrees with. He calls out Jon Moxley for cheating at AEW All Out, and forces Justin Roberts to announce him as the “undefeated, undisputed, uncrowned world champion”. MJF says it’s clear that you only get a fair shake in AEW if you’re a part of a faction, teasing that he may join one of the established groups on the roster.

Eddie Kingston comes to the ring with the Lucha Bros and The Butcher & The Blade. He calls them agents of chaos and wants to make a point that they’re on the same page, despite coming up short in the Casino Battle Royale. They go out and find some extras in the crowd and beat the absolute hell out of them.

Private Party vs. Chris Jericho & Jake Hager

Private party uses their speed to get in some fast offense right away, hitting stereo suicide dives. Hager is quickly able to ground them once things are confined to the ring, and the heels begin to work over Marq Quen with quick tags.

Hager delivers some brutal closed right fists, nearly knocking the kid out. Quen throws desperate rights and lefts, ducks a lariat and gets the hot tag to his partner. Kassidy flies in with a springboard lariat and nearly steals the win with a dangerously close nearfall.

The ref calms down an irate Jericho on the apron, allowing Hager to use some kind of unidentified object on the outside that he quickly disposes of, beating down Kassidy and putting the Inner Circle right back in control.

After several minutes Jericho and Quen make hot tags on both sides. Quen dropkicks both opponents and flies over the ropes with a tope con hillo to take out the Demo God. A springboard crossbody scores him a two-count. In comes Kassidy and Private Party doubleteams Jericho with kicks and the Hardy Boyz combo in the corner.

Hager rushes the ring but throws Quen into the air, allowing him to send Jericho flying off the top rope with an avalanche Frankensteiner in a wild spot. Kassidy starts throwing rights and lefts, ducks a Judas Effect and gets a rollup for another nearfall. Springboard cutter connects!

Kassidy is slow to get up and heads to the top rope, clutching at his injured back. He takes too much time and crashes and burns on the Swanton Bomb. JUDAS EFFECT from Jericho. Count to 20, it’s over.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Jake Hager

Jericho continues to attack Kassidy after the match, locking in the Walls of Jericho as the bell continues to ring. Quen hits the ring and levels Y2J with a pele kick, and Hager saves his partner by dragging him out of the ring as the two teams stare each other down. Another good match.


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