9/16 AEW Dynamite Results: Best Friends Battle Inner Circle In Insane Parking Lot Fight, Jericho Joins The Tag Division


NWA Women’s Championship Match: Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Ivelisse (w/ Diamante)

Both women are dead even to get this started, trading pinning attempt and going counter for counter. Thunder Rosa hits a shotgun dropkick and a elbow strike in the corner, and gets a two-count off a running boot. She sets up the Gory Special but Diamante gets on the apron and distracts the champ and the ref, allowing Ivelisse to wriggle free and hit some stiff elbows.

During the break in picture-in-picture Ivelisse dominated the action after driving Rosa into the barricade. She slaps on a rear naked choke but can’t quite sink the hold in so she sets in with kicks to the chest instead. Thunder Rosa catches the leg and hits a Dragon Screw. Big right hand, and the challenger gives one right back.

Rosa hits a lariat in the corner and double knees from the top rope. She follows with kicks to the gut and a hesitation dropkick in the ropes. Cover. Kickout. She delivers a side Russian legsweep and rolls backwards into a crossface, but Ivelisse rolls into the ropes to break it up.

Hard elbow strikes from the challenger, but Thunder Rosa shakes it off and hits a Death Valley Driver for another nearfall. Ivelisse surprises her with a quick kick to the side of the head, and argues with the ref over a two-count. Rosa with a pump kick… Tombstone Piledriver! 1… 2… 3.

Winner & Still Champion: Thunder Rosa

After the match Diamante jumps the ropes and puts the boots to Thunder Rosa. Hikaru Shida hops the barricade and makes the save, forcing the heels to retreat. She takes a good second to stare down the NWA women’s title, but eventually puts it over Rosa’s shoulder and walks out.

Backstage Kip Sabian cuts a promo while Miro is bench-pressing a ridiculous amount of weight behind him. Miro wants to get in the ring and crush someone… but first he’s going to crush it as Kip’s best man and throw him the greatest bachelor party of all time.

Jake Roberts & Lance Archer Segment

Lance Archer rushes the ring and destroys an extra just for fun. Jake “The Snake” Roberts cuts a winding promo about pain and pleasure being the same thing. Tonight he has to pick tag partners for next week’s six-man against Jon Moxley, and says if he has to get in bed with the devil, he’d rather get in bed with a Tazmanian Devil.

Taz comes out and says that Team Taz is excited to do business with the “Murderhawk Monster”. Next week it’s official – Archer will team with the FTW Champion Brian Cage and Ricky Starks. On one condition. They’ve struck a deal that when Archer destroys Moxley and takes the AEW world title, Cage gets the first shot at the belt.

Moxley’s music hits and the champion is shown coming through a door on the other end of the arena. He’s got a microphone, but before he can speak Cage and Starks jump him from behind wearing street clothes and hoods. Security runs in but gets destroyed as well. Hold up – WILL HOBBS IS HERE!

The newest signee is making a beeline for the champion with a steel chair in his hands, and chases off the attackers. Moxley officially introduces “Oakland’s Most Violent” Will Hobbs as his partner next week, and screams into the camera that Darby Allin better get his ass to Jacksonville next week, because he’s calling on his help!


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