9/16 AEW Dynamite Results: Best Friends Battle Inner Circle In Insane Parking Lot Fight, Jericho Joins The Tag Division


Parking Lot Fight: Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Trent) vs. Santana & Ortiz

This looked similar to the Backlot Brawl that Adam Cole and Velveteen Dream had on NXT awhile back, but less gimmicky and with other members of the roster and extras hanging out in the background making noise, reacting to everything.

Santana & Ortiz enter the fight pit of cars, all set up in a circle, with their faces all painted up. Best Friends get the advantage at first, squashing Santana under the hood of a car as they took turns diving off the roof with sentons, crushing him multiple times. Awesome spots there.

Santana has a police baton that he uses to beat the hell out of both guys. He’s already busted open. Ortiz and Chuck Taylor start swinging wildly on each other, crashing into the walls and various cars. Ortiz swings wildly with a sledgehammer, but it misses and goes into a windshield, shattering it.

Chuck hits a suplex on Santana on top of the car, as glass goes flying, but Ortiz comes out of nowhere flying off another car with a big splash. Trent makes the save and fights with both opponents. He ends up spearing Santana through a wooden board, which looked cooler than it was by the Inner Circle member’s blood being left behind where his head hit.

No idea where it came from, but Ortiz has a metal dustpan that he brains Trent with, knocking him silly. Chuck makes the save and lays out a random piece of barricade, then suplexes Ortiz through it. This is absolute chaos.

Trent fires up and rips off his shirt, looking absolutely JACKED as he starts trading punches with Santana on top of a car. Ortiz uses a piece of wood to attack his knees, allowing Santana to hit a powerbomb through the windshield! The two then pick him up and hit a DOUBLE powerbomb right through the windshield, his body and head smashing hard against the glass! HOLY S**T!

Chuckie T is back with a metal pipe, taking out both guys. He swings and misses, and Ortiz sends him through the hood of another car with a big back body drop. Inner Circle is now completely in control as they both start raining down with nasty punches on the Best Friends, who are barely conscious. Commentary tells us the ref CAN NOT stop the fight until someone is pinned, submits or surrenders.

Ortiz has the metal pipe now, but the trunk of a car opens… and ORANGE CASSIDY IS INSIDE! He’s got a steel chain, and he goes wild with the Orange Punch knocking out Ortiz! He feeds him to Chuck Taylor, who delivers a piledriver on one car, while Trent hits the Strong Zero on Santana through a wooden board into the bed of a truck. Good god. 1… 2… 3.

Winners: Best Friends

The show ends with Trent’s mom Sue pulling up in a brand new white minivan. Best Friends and Orange Cassidy enter the van and they all leave together as Sue puts her arm out the window and gives the Inner Circle the middle finger!

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