AEW Dynamite Results (10/9): Spears vs. Moxley, Tag Team Title Tournament Begins, Jericho Introduces His Inner Circle



OCTOBER 9, 2019


We get JR, Tony Schiavone, & Excalibur introducing us once again to the show and letting us know what we can expect to see tonight.


We are informed that the Young Bucks are the number one seed and heavy favorites, but then can see that the other tag teams are watching from ringside. Nick Jackson starts the match with Isiah Cassidy and we get some chain wrestling to start. Both men trying to control the other and the crowd seems to be behind Private Party. Cassidy avoids a couple of Superkicks. Nick finally sends Cassidy into his corner and then tags in Matt. He finishes off by knocking off Marq Quen off the apron as Matt lands a leaping leg drop on Cassidy.

Matt gains control over the arm of Cassidy and he tags in Nick and Nick lands an axe handle on the arm of Cassidy. Cassidy staggers over to the ropes and Matt Jackson goes after him. Cassidy sends him over with a low bridge and then hits an Asai moonsault on Matt. Back in the ring, Nick goes after Isiah, but Isiah goes under and tags in Marq Quen! Quen comes in and EXPLODES as he sends Nick to the outside before he propels himself over and hits a crossbody. He goes over to the other side and lands a summersault plancha onto Matt on the outside! He continues his streak and lands another splash over the top rope onto Nick and he is fired up!!

Quen gets back in the ring with Nick and looks to land a blow, but Nick ducks and lands a super kick on Marq Quen. Matt comes back in and they deliver tandem super kicks on Quen! Matt notices Isiah Cassidy on the apron and he goes up and over, trying to a power bomb on Cassidy! Cassidy hangs on but Matt is able to get him of the ropes and Matt hits a hard power bomb onto Cassidy onto the ramp! OUCH!

The match is picking up the pace now, as the Bucks are in full control and nail tandem dropkicks on Marq Quen. Quen gets away and is able to tag in a recovered Cassidy, who springboards in, but grabs his lower back, injured from the power bomb earlier! He still comes in and the Bucks are ready for him, but Cassidy hits a hurricanrana on Nick from the top! Quen takes out Matt and puts him in the corner. Quen climbs up top and he hits a BEAUTIFUL shooting star and goes for the cover……..1…………….2………..MATT KICKS OUT!!! Quen goes for another move, but Matt counters and puts him in position for a Metlzer Driver! Nick gets on the apron, but he’s pulled off hard by Cassidy. Quen uses the distracted and rolls up Matt….1………..2…………3!!! PRIVATE PARTY ELIMINATES THE YOUNG BUCKS!!!

Winners: Private Party

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