AEW Dynamite Results (7/22): BIG Debut, BIG Return, Cody Defends TNT Championship


JULY 22, 2020

CODY vs. ???

Before the match starts, we hear a familiar voice…and ITS EDDIE KINGSTON!!! Eddie says that he is there to kick Cody’s ass…and he challenges him to a NO DQ MATCH!

The match starts and Eddie goes right after Cody! The match makes its way outside and Cody is in bad shape, getting pummeled by Eddie. Back in the ring now, and Eddie some stiff punches. He sends Cody to the outside and then lifts up the mat, exposing the concrete. He gets in pile diver position and Cody back body drops him right onto the concrete!

Back in the ring now, and the two are trading shots back and forth and Kingston drops Cody with a couple of kicks, and then kicks him while he’s down. Kingston continues to club Cody and then puts him against the ropes before hitting him with some forearms.

Eddie chops Cody across the chest, but Cody answers back with some forearms. Kingston follows up with a big forearm and then turns that into a dragon sleeper. Kingston tries for a back suplex, but Cody slips out and then chop blocks Kingston. Kingston can hardly stand and Cody looks to pick him up, but Kingston counters with a LOW BLOW.

Eddie Kingston goes outside and goes under the ring and reemerges…..with THUMBTACKS! Eddie drops them all in the middle of the ring, picks up Cody and then power bombs him RIGHT ONTO THE THUMBTACKS. Cody is in definite pain, and Eddie is enjoying it. Eddie tries to continue the punishment on Cody, but Cody starts to fight back, and punish the leg of Eddie. He sweeps Eddie and proceeds to lock in the Figure 4 right on the tacks! Eddie has no choice but to submit!

Winner: Cody


Jon Moxley says that Taz is the manager of the year for protecting his boy. He says that Brian Cage was close to spending 6 months on the shelf. But next time…Moxley isn’t going to let go.

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