AEW Dynamite Results (3/4): Moxley’s Reign Begins, Inner Circle Gets Revenge



Stu Grayson starts the match with Colt Cabana, who gets a good reception. Grayson throws Colt into the corner, but Colt is able to get out and hit Grayson with a leg scissors. The rest of Dark Order attack Cabana and then knock SCU off the apron.

We start getting frequent tags from the Dark Order, but Cabana is able to slam John Silver, then tag in Christopher Daniels. Daniels leaps onto Silver, then the rest of SCU comes in to hit some splashes onto John Silver. Daniels in with Silver, and Silver reverses an Irish Whip, and Evil Uno grabs the leg of Daniels. Silver stomps away on Daniels, and then Grayson is tagged in again and he stomps on Daniels as well. Grayson distracts the referee and the rest of the Dark Order choke at Daniels.

Daniels gets up and goes after Daniels, but Daniels is able to clothesline Grayson and tag in Kazarian. Kazarian takes out everyone with rights and lefts, but gets surprised from behind from Evil Uno. Everyone comes in the ring and we get a brawl! SCU and Colt are able to throw out everyone but Uno, who is kept in to keep beating down on them. Alex Reynolds trees to come in, but Kazarian surprises him with a cutter. Colt Cabana is tagged in and he starts to go for his big elbow, but gets poked in the eye.

SCU comes in and throws everyone to the outside again and Scorpio Sky flies to the outside. Colt picks up John Silver and puts him on his shoulders, then hits Silver with the Chicago Skyline. He follows it up with a Superman pin and picks up the victory!!

Winners: Colt Cabana & SCU


Cody comes out to the ring, new tattoo and all. He says that professionally as a wrestler, you work your whole life to get on a pay per view. And then when you win, you get the winner’s share of the purse. He says that he doesn’t know if he can take it, the lashes, the loss…unless MJF comes out and looks at him in the eye and tells him that he beat him fair and square.

Instead of MJF, we see….JAKE “THE SNAKE” ROBERTS! Roberts comes out to the ring and smells the ring before grabbing a mic. Jake says that he was tired of hearing Cody cry and bitch. MJF whipped him like a dog and Cody got his ass kicked.

But that’s not why he’s here. He’s not here to praise Cody, he is here to slay Cody. The only reason he is here is he has a client who is going to be rising like a phoenix from the ashes. It has been 20 years for him to get clean, and he earned it. But if you think he is going to play nice, you have another thing coming. He will be on the outside of the ring when his client faces him, and Cody can even bring that “one trick pony” Arn Anderson if he wants.

What a snake wants, a snake takes. He is not in AEW to take the whole pie….just Cody’s share. Jake leaves the ring and Cody looks confused as ever.

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