AEW Dynamite Results (3/4): Moxley’s Reign Begins, Inner Circle Gets Revenge



We get some back and forth to begin, but Taylor gets thrown out of the ring. Pac takes the opportunity to get in the face of Orange Cassidy. Taylor takes the opportunity to baseball slide on Pac, then bring Pac in the ring and hit Pac with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker.

The match makes it to the outside and Pac is able to reverse an Irish Whip to Chuck into the barricade. Pac has full control of the arm of Taylor, the throws Chuckie T into the corner. Taylor counters against Pac with a dropkick and then throws Pac out of the ring. Taylor nails Pac with a springboard, then rolls him back to the inside. Pac counters with a cutter then Pac submits Taylor with the Brutalizer to pick up the victory.

Winner: Pac

After the match, Cassidy gets in the ring and face to face with Pac, but The Lucha Brothers come in and superkick Cassidy, then take out Trent and Chuck Taylor! All three men stomp away on the Best Friends. Pac says that they are the Death Triangle, and no one is safe!

QT MARSHALL (w/ Dustin Rhodes & Brandi) vs. JAKE HAGER (w/ Santana & Ortiz)

Hager tosses around Marshall a bit, and the referee admonishes him, so QT gives him some strikes. Hager just runs right through Marshall and Marshall goes flying. Hager sends Marshall into the corner, but Marshall runs into a boot, knocking him down. Marshall goes up top and hit a senton, then goes for the cover, but Hager kicks out quick. Hager runs off the ropes and crushes Marshall with a clothesline, then locks in the standing arm triangle, forcing Marshall to submit.

Winner: Jake Hager

Hager won’t release the hold, so Dustin comes in and attacks Hager, but quickly Santana and Ortiz attack Dustin. Cody comes to make the save quickly, but the numbers are too much and Cody gets struck from behind with a chair. Matt Jackson comes out and starts to take it to Jake Hager, but Hager is too big and too strong. Hager gives Matt some right hands, but out comes Hangman Page with beer in hand. He sets the beer down and then nails Hager with the Buckshot Lariat.

Matt asks Hangman if they’re ok, and Hangman gives Matt the finger before leaving the ring.

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