AEW Dynamite Results (3/4): Moxley’s Reign Begins, Inner Circle Gets Revenge



MJF is with Wardlow, and he has a lot to say.

“I do something better than everyone else in this great sport. And that’s pinning shoulders on mats and banging rats. AKA…winning. I went from protege to prodigy. As I defeated and pinned Cody Rhodes smack dab clean in the middle of that ring, I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I truly was the final chapter of his epic little odyssey. Now I think that YOU, the AEW faithful have a head author that you can count on. And I can assure you, I have a whole lotta ink for my legacy. And that legacy will read as follows…MJF…the greatest WORLD CHAMPION IN THE HISTORY of professional wrestling. No need to change the channel. No need to fix the audio You schmucks heard me right. And so did you Mox. Jonathan Moxley, I don’t care if it’s you, I don’t care if its a guy names Timbucktu from South Peru….I’m going to become the number one contender and I’m going to get the gold and I don’t care who gets in my way. I don’t care if it’s Chris Jericho. I don’t care if it’s Hangman Adam Page, I don’t care if it’s Kenny Omega, I don’t care if it’s Pac. Hell, I don’t care if AEW management wants to throw me some bones like a Lucha Boring, or a Jungle Jabroni, or a teeny tiny Marko Stunted growth. Because I’m going to remain undefeated here in AEW. And do you know why? I’ll tell you why….it’s because I’m better than you…..and GOD, WARDLOW IT IS SO HOT IN HERE MAN.”

MJF proceeds to remove a jacket, exposing a shirt saying “I PINNED CODY”. MJF says that the shirt is annoying and distracting…kind of like a neck tattoo…don’t you agree?


Everyone comes out and Mox comes through the crowd, bushes attacked from members of the crowd!!! The members are masked and take him through the arena, smashing him through into the walls. The three men are shown to be Hager, Santana, & Ortiz!! They are assaulting Moxley, but Moxley tries to fight back, but the three men are too much.

The crowd watches on and Moxley continues to try to fight back, but Hager puts on the choke on Moxley, while Santana and Ortiz yell “go to sleep”.

Darby Allin gets in the ring and asks fo the bell to ring, as both Sammy G and Chris Jericho are ready for Darby. Darby quickly dropkicks Sammy out of the ring and Jericho off the apron, and the two Inner Circle men collect themselves. Darby throws Sammy into the barricade, and Jericho runs at him on the outside, but Darby drop toe holds Darby right into the ring steps.

Darby gets back in the ring and is met with a big knee from Sammy Guevara. Jericho gets back in the ring and nails Darby with a back suplex. He picks him up and tosses him into the turnbuckle. Jericho distracts the referee, and Jake Hager, Santana, & Ortiz take Darby and pummel him in the corner.

Darby gets back up and runs into Sammy in the corner and then springboard moonsaults onto Jericho! Jericho gets up and locks in a Walls of Jericho on Darby right in the center of the ring. Darby struggles but crawls slowly towards the ropes. He wills himself and finally gets to the ropes. Jericho gets up and flexes to the crowd. Darby is nearly out in the center of the ring and Jericho picks him up and chops him across the chest hard, then tags in Sammy Guevara. Sammy smiles and flexes as well as both Jericho and Sammy step across the back of Darby before Sammy tries for a pin, but Darby kicks out.

Jericho in now and he slaps Darby across the face, but Darby slaps back, rocking Jericho! Darby clotheslines Jericho out of the ring and then Darby runs and nails a VERY INTENSE suicide dive onto Jericho, who flies into the barricade. Jericho runs in and tags Sammy, desperately. Sammy suplexes Darby hard with a knee to the back of Darby, then tags in Jericho. Darby slowly comes back against Jericho, but Jericho nails a back elbow to Darby, knocking him down.

Jericho looks to hit the lionsault, but Darby gets his knees up! Jericho tags in Sammy and he comes in but goes right back out and is clotheslined over the top by Darby. Darby goes to the top rope and hits the Coffin Drop on the entire Inner Circle!! Jericho survives and Darby looks to hit him with another suicide dive, but Jericho counters with a Judas Effect on the outside!!! He rolls Darby back in the ring and Sammy goes for the cover and picks up the victory.

Winners: Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara

After the match, Moxley comes out with a chair! He swings away on everyone, but the numbers are still too much. They attack Moxley and take him up the ramp. Hager picks up Moxley and power bombs him through tables off the stage, leaving the AEW World Champion motionless as the Inner Circle flick off Moxley to end the show.

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