AEW Full Gear Results: Chris Jericho vs Cody Rhodes, Riho Defends, Unsanctioned ‘Lights Out’ Warfare & More


NOVEMBER 9, 2019


We start the match with right hands back and forth and then Bea hits Britt with a big stomp. Britt comes back with a Lou Thesz press and then follows it up with a some right hands. She rolls up Bea and then tries for the Lock Jaw, but Bea breaks out and kicks Britt in the face.

Bea picks up Britt and tosses her into the corner HARD. She puts her on the ropes and starts to wrench on the neck of Britt before running off the ropes and nailing Britt with a diving back elbow. Britt locks in a leg scissors to the midsection of Britt Baker, but Britt is able to fight up! The two start trading left and right hands, but then Britt starts to hit Bea with some back elbows. Bea starts to get up and Britt nails her with a sling blade! Bea stumbles up and Britt nails her with a spinning neck breaker and goes for the cover, but Priestly kicks out at 2!

Britt gets up and goes for a punch, but Bea grabs the arm and gets a crossface onto Britt. Britt breaks out and crawls to the apron. Bea leaps up to the top rope and NAILS Britt with a vicious double stomp to the back of Britt Baker. She drags her to the center of the ring and goes for the cover but Britt is able to kick out at two. Britt pops up and surprises Bea with a kick to the face! She goes to the mat and locks in the Lock Jaw and Bea is forced to tap out!

Winner: Britt Baker

Britt celebrates and the lights go out! They come back in and Awesome Kong is here with Brandi!! She slowly makes her way to the ring and Bea Priestly is still down in the ring! Kong picks up Priestly and slams her hard into the center of the ring. Brandi hands her some type of knife and they hold Bea down while they cut a portion of her hair and keep it like a trophy. Brandi watches and smiles the whole time. Yikes.

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