AEW Fyter Fest Results (6/29): The Elite Reunites, Jon Moxley vs Joey Janela, Darby Allin Debuts & More


JUNE 29TH, 2019
Report by Doug Enriquez for


Trent? starts the match with Isaah Cassidy. Trent? shoulder blocks Cassidy to the mat. Trent? tags in Chuck Taylor and he shoulder blocks Cassidy as well. Frankie Kazarian tags himself in, effectively tagging out Chuck Taylor, and Cassidy gets a chance to tag in Marq Quen, who comes in and gets clotheslined hard by Kazarian.

Kazarian comes in and tosses Quen into the corner and he is able to dropkick him out. Trent? comes in and chaos ensues. The action comes to the outside and Marq Quen comes alive and delivers a springboard DDT on Kazarian. Meanwhile, Cassidy hits an Asai moonsault onto everyone!

Chuckie T comes in the ring and he throws Cassidy in the corner and delivers some right hands. Trent? comes in and he hits a modified Northern Lights Suplex on Cassidy and goes for the cover, but Cassidy kicks out at 2. Chuckie T comes back in and he hits a dropkick and goes for the cover, but Cassidy kicks out again. Taylor locks in a sleeper, but Cassidy fights up and hits Taylor with a dropkick. He looks to make a tag, but Trent? goes to the corner and takes out Quen!

Cassidy is at a crossroads and he has no one to tag, but he decides to tag in Frankie Kazarian. Kazarian come in and he takes out everyone! He tags in Scorpio Sky and Sky hits cutters on everyone! He takes Cassidy and they hit a stomp/unprettier combo. Incredible! He goes for the cover but Cassidy kicks out!

Kazarian puts Cassidy up top, but he starts to fight. Cassidy hits a hurricanrana off the top and Quen catches him midair with a cutter! The Best Friends come in and take out everyone. They put Cassidy in the crunch and they hit the assist and pick up the victory!

Winners: The Best Friend

After the match, we see The Dark Order shows up on the screen. They say you never forget your first and they have chosen the best friends to be their first. The lights go out and the minions of the Dark Order show up around the ring. The lights go out again and they disappear and everyone is confused.

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Leva Bates comes out and she is in full wrestling garb. She comes out and shushes the crowd and we hear a second shush. Peter Avalon comes out and the two librarians talk to the crowd about books. They tell them that there is more than just comic books, but they should be reading books. They are quickly interrupted by Allie, and here we go!


We start the match with Leva avoiding Allie and shushing her. She tries one more time, but Allie grabs her finger and twists it. She slams her to mat before bouncing off the ropes. Peter Avalon grabs the legs of Allie and just enough to distract her and then Bates dropkicks Allie out of the ring.

She brings her back in and locks in a Regal Stretch while putting her finger to Allie’s mouth! She gets up andantes tries to toss Allie in the corner, but Allie reverses and and then she chops the hell out of Bates. They start to trade hands before Allie tosses her into the corner and hits a NICE sliding clothesline to the throat of Bates. Allie tries to put Bates on her shoulders before Bates slipping out and delivering a code-breaker to Allie!

Bates picks up Allie and hits a pedigree on Allie, but Allie kicks out! Peter Avalon is livid and he gets on the apron. He tries to toss a book to Bates, but Allie intercepts it. She tosses it back to Bates and hits the BSE to pick up the victory!

WInner: Allie!

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