AEW ‘Road to Double or Nothing’ Finale Feat. Omega, Mike Tyson, Meltzer, Awesome Kong, Shawn Spears & More


What will likely be the finale of All Elite Wrestling’s The Road to Double or Nothing series, entitled “Epilogue”, is now live on YouTube. You can check out the video above.

This week’s episode starts out with Cody Rhodes and the Young Bucks sitting in an empty arena, again joking about 20,000 people being at the MGM Grand for Double or Nothing, with Cody trying to explain that it’s closer to 13,000. Kenny Omega then joins them.

Shawn Spears (fka Tye Dillinger) is interviewed, and says that he believed in AEW’s concept but it didn’t sink in until he saw the production crew setting everything up at the arena. He says he was nervous for the first time in a very long time, but also more confident.

We see footage of Brandi Rhodes introduce Awesome Kong at Double or Nothing, and the insane reaction from the live crowd. Kong is interviewed and says she was actually nervous about losing her footing because the crowd was literally shaking the floor.

There’s interviews with everyone in this episode including Dustin Rhodes, who talked about the excitement and passion of the crew behind the scenes, saying that everyone is happy to be there. Billy Gunn put over the young talent and the crowd seeing things they’ve never seen before.

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Kenny Omega says that he was disenchanted by wrestling and couldn’t stand watching a weekly wrestling show, but it was the joshi scene and their passion that brought him back. He says he is proud to feature their talent, and excited about AEW being able to offer a variety show with so many different aspects of the business from all around the world included.

Dave Meltzer was brought in to talk about the moment where Cody famously (or infamously, perhaps) destroyed the throne before his match at Double or Nothing. He talked about how the match was built around building sympathy for Dustin and Cody having to play the heel. DDP and Dustin also weighed in on the match, and Dustin actually called it the most important and satisfying story-driven match of his entire career, as shots of people crying in the crowd were shown.

Check out the full video above!