AEW Women’s Championship Eliminator Results (2/22): Japan Semifinals, Conti vs Rose



Featured above are the next four matches of the ongoing AEW Women’s World Championship Tournament, including the semifinals of the Japan bracket and the final two opening round matches of the U.S. bracket.

1. Nyla Rose def. Tay Conti to advance to the second round of the U.S. bracket. Commentary played up how Conti’s background in judo would help her combat her opponent’s size. In the homestretch, Nyla removed one of the turnbuckle pads but the referee stopped her from hitting Snake Eyes into the exposed metal. Conti had a visual pin on her while the ref put the turnbuckle back. Nyla hit a Death Valley Driver on the entrance ramp and the Beast Bomb back in the ring to advance.

2. Yuka Sakazaki def. Emi Sakura to advance to the finals of the Japan bracket. Yuka got in some early offense including a diving senton from the apron. She got beaten up by Emi’s students outside the ring allowing Emi to dominate most of the offense. Yuka tried to rally back a few times but Emi worked over the back of the neck all match and caught her in a Dragon Sleeper, which is turned into a Cross Rhodes. Emi continued with neckbreakers and a diving senton, but couldn’t quite put the magical girl away. They had a great back and forth exchange trading strikes, then submission attempts, then pinning combinations. Yuka rolled back into the Dragon Sleeper, powered into a spinout side slam, but it was still not enough. She tried for Road to Valhalla, but Yuka landed on her feet, hit a sliding lariat and rolled into a crucifix pin to win.

Sakura and her students attacked Yuka 3-on-1 after the match, until AEW Women’s World Champion Hikara Shida ran out to make the save. Shida was wearing an all white suit and came off like a total badass.

3. Ryo Mizunami def. Aja Kong via countout to advance to the finals of the Japan bracket. Ryo started laying in chops and strikes to the legend, and at first they didn’t register but she eventually wore Kong down in the corner. She dodged an elbow drop and with Kong on the mat went to work with jumping leg drops, before targeting her knee. After a brawl around the cramped ringside area Kong rallied with two backdrop suplexes and some stiff knee strikes. Ryo caught her with a Dragonscrew and slapped on a triangle choke. The ref raised Kong’s arm once, twice and on the third attempt she saved herself. They traded standing clotheslines until Ryo hit a big spear and a top rope diving leg drop for a nearfall. Kong caught her with a spinning back fist and they both collapsed. Frustrated and out of options, Kong dragged her out to ringside and gave Hikaru Shida a metal trash can to hold, throwing Ryo’s head into it. They stumbled back towards the ring, but Ryo hit another top rope leg drop, this time to the back of Kong’s head on the floor. The ref counted her out.

4. Dr. Britt Baker DMD vs. Madi Wrenkowski to advance to the second round of the U.S. bracket. Baker and Reba attacked before the match and beat the hell out of Madi. Once the bell actually rang Britt controlled the offense, taking her time and picking her spots. Madi caught her with forearms and a running crossbody in the corner. A few good chops and at one point a facebreaker. She crashed and burned on a diving crossbody and Britt hit her with an Air Raid Crash for two. The Lockjaw quickly puts Madi away.

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