Ahmed Johnson Comments on Goldust Kissing Him & More

Former WWE Superstar Ahmed Johnson was interviewed by David Diaz of The Wrestling Mania Show. Here are some highlights.

Starting in the WWF: “When I first got started in the WWF, a lot of people were very jealous. Yoko(zuna) being one of them. I was a big guy at almost 300lbs doing moves that guys who were 220 couldn’t do like jumping over the top rope to the outside, moonsaults. I was the only big guy doing that kind of stuff. Yoko didn’t like that, and when Vince told me I would be body slamming him in our match, Yoko pulled me to one side and said ‘I’m not gonna jump for you and I’m not helping you. If you’re gonna pick me up, you’re gonna pick me up.’ I couldn’t understand that. I don’t know what I did wrong. We did become friends shortly after that.”

Jeff Jarrett: “I didn’t like working with him. He wasn’t like Shawn Michaels, he’d complain if you hit him too hard. He didn’t want to put anybody over, and on top of that, man, he was a racist son of a b—h. Really racist.”

The Goldust kiss: “He agreed to kiss my hand when we practiced it, but when we got out there. Man…. he kissed me harder than any female has ever kissed me. I’m talking your husband’s going to the military and he’s never coming home kind of kiss, and that just PISSED ME OFF.”

Never becoming WWF Champion: “I was going to face The Undertaker for the title. I found out through Vince Russo that we were gonna do that match, and he told me that some of the people at the booking table told him that the WWF were not ready for a black champion. Can you believe that s–t? F**k that. More of that racist s–t coming to surface. And there was a lot of it.”

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  • Ralph Ramos

    ROFLMAO!!!!! That story about the Goldust kiss was hilarious. You’ve gotta love Almed Johnson. And I loved it how he referred to WCW as Wheel Chair Wrestling during the attitude era. How did the WWE not capitalize on his humor. I’m sorry they didn’t give you the push you deserved Almed. You certainly had the look the WWE looks for in their champions. Its a shame you got screwed over like that.

  • allanmccann

    i still love double j and he was bigger star then johnson long before he got his control in wcw and tna

    also there still hasnt been a full african american wwe champ.

  • Mike Arienti

    Why are so many black people addicted to using the race card?

    • SmellyAssCheeks

      because it exists..and blacks are very scrutinized by it

      • Mike Arienti

        Yes, racism exists. The thing is, when I see people b****ing about being victims of racism, they go about it by being racist. How does that help?

        • SmellyAssCheeks

          Not necessarily all the time…you can bring up the topic of racism without portraying a bigot yourself. But in the accordance with your comment, you’re right, in the context of the example you stated, it doesn’t help.

  • Louisa Baton

    LOL WOOHOO now that’s a kiss. Dustin like to get people’s goat but he loved people in general (not like that lol) He just wanted to make it more fun but Ahmed knew a kiss on the hand wasn’t what was suppose to happen.The only problem I have with Ahmed is how nearly everyone was racists. I guess he means it in the general sense because Whites and Blacks and other Nationalities didn’t get along with him.

  • Joshua Nixon

    Ahmed Johnson should be happy they let him win the prestigous Intercontinental Title in the first place. There were way more talented wrestlers who deserved to be world champion than him. I remember his catchphrase” Your going down” but him and his career were the only things that went down. How were they not ready for a black champion? Ron Simmons was the first African American World champion in professional wrestling when he won the WCW Championship in the early 90s.