Ahmed Johnson Comments on Pat Patterson & Racism Allegations


Former WWF Superstar Ahmed Johnson joined Inside the Ropes this past Thursday. Here are some highlights from the interview.

To clarify his recent racism allegations against the WWF: To become the black champion in history there (WWF), it was so neat. But there was also a dull side to it, I lived in this fantasy land where I thought there was no more racism in the world, then I go out to my car and and someone had scratched ‘Congratulations Nigger’ on my car. I didn’t know who did it, nobody would fess up to it. I never found out who did it but you know I thought about it for a while and I asked Vince the question, I asked him why did it take them until 1996 to decide that they’d have a black champion because there was so many great black wrestlers before me like Junkyard Dog and other people. Why didn’t he give them the opportunity to be a champion and wear the belt? He got very upset about me asking that question. So that ended up being the end of me in the WWF after that. I didn’t want anything to do with him. The word I got from the booker Vince Russo, he told me after this was over and all the smoke had cleared, that they would have meetings about this and Vince and other people said that the American audience wasn’t ready for a black champion which was bullshit. Every time we went to Germany, Kuwait, India, I was the number one draw over there when we went.

Thoughts on Former WWF Booker Pat Patterson: Not so cool. He likes guys you know, I don’t have a problem with that, that’s cool. But when you start pushing guys based on who has the sexiest ass to you, I have a problem with that. I’m telling you this as a respect point, I’m gonna be honest, he was gay, there’s no secret about it. He did do some things that are unmentionable. He made certain wrestlers do certain things to get pushed in certain positions. That was his thing. He was a bully, a gay bully. The casting couch type thing but with males not females.

Also in the interview he talks about getting his start in wrestling, thoughts on The Nation gimmick, his heel turn, working with Goldust, The Rock and other various topics.

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  1. Ahmed was nothing more than a bad attitude that the WWF never should have bothered with. So, everything in Ahmed’s eyes are going to be full of hate and negativity. Go away, Ahmed.

      • I feel no compassion for Ahmed. As Ryan below stated, he was an injury waiting to happen, and nothing more than just a bad attitude.

        • Thats simply bc you have never felt racism. So you can’t relate to that feeling,I dont really blame you for not understanding that feeling but not having any empathy is another story all together..

          • Ahmed was over as an upper midcarder, despite the fact that he wasn’t great on the microphone and was injured almost as much as he was active. Just because he peaked at the IC title level doesn’t mean racism was to blame. He got as far as his talent allowed him to go, and was arguably continually pushed long after most of the paying crowd got bored with his act.

          • Ahmed was nothing more than a goddamned sideshow. He couldn’t cut the mustard (not to mention a piece of paper with a pair of scissors). Drop the Ahmed bulls***.

        • in other words, Ahmed Johnson is black, therefore his griping and botched spots make him a liability to pro wrestling whereas guys like Cena and Ryback are not due to skin color correct?

          • Asswipe… Ryback is getting his ass handed to him for botching against Daniel Bryan recently, which I applaud, actually. You assholes whom are either sympathists or black yourselves whom jump right to the race card are exactly what’s wrong with society. Ahmed was Mr. Bad Attitude, and he had no place in the WWE. Vince gave him all the opportunity in the world, but his attitude got his ass dumped from the WWE.

  2. I never liked Ahmed Johnson… He was even close to main event talent anyways.. He always botched his moves .. He was a injury waiting to happen

    • It’s fine that you never like ahmed, But to say “He always botched his moves .. He was a injury waiting to happen” is just ridiculous..You just described more than half the locker room including the “top” guys..

      • In all honesty he was injury prone. I liked Ahmad, but his feud with Farooq never really took off because he got injured. Then when joining the nation he just disappeared. To his credit the Pearl River plunge was an amazing finisher. Not to mention I believe if he wasn’t getting hurt so much he would of became the WWF champion.

  3. what an asshole. Blames his demise on his race, then discriminates patterson for being gay. He’s not a piece of s***, he’s the whole thing.

  4. In all fairness to people on both sides of the fence, I take a neutral view. Ahmed was a talented athlete with a great sense of humor who probably didn’t get the push he deserved because, like Mr Johnson said, the wrestling world wasn’t ready for change yet. HBK was no sweetheart either. Neither was Warrior (Ahmed Johnson was like the black version of him). Yet that didn’t stop them from getting a nice push.

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