Off-Air Notes From Last Night’s WWE SmackDown Tapings

Credit: Rob Goyette and

Here are some off air notes from the SmackDown taping.

The crowd was unusually small. All of the 3rd level and most of the 2nd level was tarped off. The whole hard camera side was tarped off too. I think it was due to Smackdown coming to Ottawa during Bluesfest, one of Canada’s biggest music festivals. The crowd was still quite lively though.

There were only a couple CM Punk chants, during AJ Lee’s match. I fully expect them to be edited off TV.

A lot of fans were disappointed by the lack of variety at the merchandise stands. It was mostly John Cena and Daniel Bryan stuff. A lot of fans were looking for some of the retro/legends merch and there wasn’t any.

I won’t make a list of who got the biggest pops, but I will say that Adam Rose was really over with the crowd. Everyone was up and moving. His music is really catchy and gets everyone singing, even more so than Fandango.

They showed a graphic for the main event for this Monday’s Raw. Its a 6 man tag match.. John Cena, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton, Kane and Seth Rollins.

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