AJ Kirsch Talks About Winning 4th Bracket of Gut Check, Heading to OVW & More


Justin Watry interviewed former WWE Tough Enough contestant and winner of the 4th TNA Gut Check Challenge AJ Kirsch. Here are some highlights.

On Winning the 4th bracket of the TNA Gut Check Challenge: Yeah, just this past week, I won my bracket of the opening round of TNA Gut Check. I participated in a Gut Check seminar with D’Lo Brown a couple of years ago. I thought it was just a one-and-done learning experience, you know, get some constructive criticism, maybe make some contacts. But I received an email several months ago informing me that not only is TNA relaunching the Gut Check Challenge, but anyone who participated in a past seminar is eligible to compete. So, of course, I jumped on board, and as of midnight last Sunday night, thanks to the votes from fans who registered and voted at Challenge.TNAGutCheck.com, I’m advancing to the next round of the competition. As for how people can support, to be honest, I’m not sure yet. The opening brackets of the competition finish in June, I think, and since winning my bracket, I haven’t received any information telling me what the next step in the process is. But you can add me on Facebook at Facebook.com/AJKirsch or follow me on Twitter @AJKirsch. As soon as I know what’s next and how people can help, I’ll blast it all over both.

On possibly heading to OVW If TNA sent him there: If I earned a TNA contract, I would not mind training with OVW. If they hire me, they’re hiring me to do a job. If I need additional training to do that job better than I’m doing it now, then that’s what’s gonna happen.

On being a skeptic of the TNA Gut Check Challenge process: “Skeptic of the process?” You and me, both! I have no idea how much this competition is actually swayed by votes, or if there is some other force at work. Of course, someone could get eliminated and signed immediately after. In fact, that scenario is all too familiar to me; Ariane, the first person eliminated from Tough Enough barely left the show and she was signed to a contract with WWE. As I like to say, “oh, wrestling…”

I would not be surprised in the least if something similar happened with Gut Check. The less I think about the nature of this competition, the better. How much of it is legit? How much of it is a work? Who the hell knows? I’m just gonna have fun with it and advance as far as I can.

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