AJ Lee Talks Being a ‘Homely’ Diva

AJ Lee discussed how much of a Diva she is in real life, during a recent interview with FayObserver.com.

“Diva is a funny word because the connotation isn’t the greatest,” Lee said. “For me, it means being smart, sexy and powerful. It’s my goal to redefine the word. I’m in the WWE, but right now I’m at home on my couch watching Arrested Development. I work out and hang out with my dog and play video games. I’m not the diva archetype; I’m 115 pounds with no curves. I’m the ‘homely diva,’ but I’m proud to be so different and to be a face of the WWE.”

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  • The huntress in the night

    Funny to hear that from one of the prettiest and coolest women to have ever graced a WWE ring. Everyone has their own idea of whats hot, and to me AJ is smokin.

  • Mel Weber

    Barbie doll blondes are a dime a dozen. AJ Lee doesn’t look like a typical Hollywood girl. Not to mention she’s talented and seems cool and down to earth. She is nowhere near homely.