AJ Styles Comments on Advice from Triple H, Negotiation Processes with TNA, More


As noted earlier, AJ Styles was interviewed by Wrestling Observer Radio earlier this week. Here are some highlights:

* AJ confirms he’s a free agent.

* AJ said he’s interested in going to Japan and is looking forward to his upcoming ROH appearances.

* AJ said never really thought he’d be gone from TNA because he’d been there so long and felt he was valuable.

* AJ said he didn’t think it made much sense that TNA continued to build things around him in the autumn if they didn’t think he was sticking around.

* AJ said changing the ring to four sides was one of the biggest mistake in company history.

* AJ said at first he didn’t get along too well with Eric Bischoff, but they got friendlier over time.

* AJ said that the door is still open for him to return to TNA.

* AJ said that he had tried to accommodate TNA as much as he could during negotiations, but it just didn’t work out.

* AJ said he would absolutely go to WWE if they made the right offer, but he’s not in talks with them at the moment.

* AJ told a story about a tryout he had with WWE where Triple H told him he needed to “slow down.” He thinks it was good advice and he has tried to slow down in recent years.

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