AJ Styles Discusses TNA Pushing Ex-WWE Stars, Speaking Tour & More


Ryan Devlin and Chris Dutton of The Wrestling Mania Show recently sat down with AJ Styles to discuss a number of different subjects, here are some highlights.

Not being able to agree a new TNA contract: Yeah it is upsetting. I thought that I’d retire in TNA but you know, this is a business and sometimes things don’t work out. People don’t understand this is how I pay my bills and sometimes it just doesn’t work out and we don’t see eye to eye. There are a lot of people who left and wrestled for different companies because of their contracts.

TNA Pushing former WWE Stars: It makes me wonder if TNA thought it would boost ratings or was it that Spike wanted TNA to have higher ratings. I know that Spike like big names of their shows, which led to Christian and Kurt Angle being signed. I blame it on ratings; they wanted to see them rather than seeing TNA grow more gradually.

Speaking tour: I had a speaking tour planned but I was threatened by a TNA lawyer about some stuff that was going on. We were looking at doing it in March but now we’re looking at coming over in June so it actually worked out quite well.

AJ also discusses the backstage atmosphere at his last TNA taping, the golden era of TNA and why it is unlikely to return, worrying about Ric Flair’s health, Which ex-WWE talent helped the TNA product the most (it’s not Hogan), if TNA will last past 2014, if he’s spoken to Dixie since leaving the company and much more.

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  1. AJ Styles isn’t being fair nor honest. He wasn’t a TNA star at first. He came from ROH. I can understand his being upset at not getting the respect he deserved but be why blame Christian who they didn’t keep nor treat well.

  2. Christian Cage did his best, but he was no Edge. Kurt Angle was good, but TNA lost all of its momentum when Hulk Whoregan and Eric B****off came in and ruined everything. Now, TNA is on life support as a result. What a damn shame.


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