AJ Styles Involved in Fan Altercation at TNA Live Event


AJ Styles was involved in a fan altercation during the TNA Live Event in Aiken, South Carolina.

An obnoxious fan sitting at ringside made some remarks towards AJ Styles as he was entering the ring. Styles then ran out of the ring and got into the fan’s face. He then brought a chair over for the fan to use to get over the railing in an attempt to bode the fan into fight.

The fan at ringside pushed the chair back at Styles which infuriated Styles. Styles then shoved the fan and they then exchanged words as Styles got back in the ring only to exit it again. Styles hopped the rail and headed to the actual exit of the building, challenging the guy to a fight him outside. The fan wanted no part of it, so Styles got back in the ring to finish his match against Bobby Roode.

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    I was there. After the fan pushed the chair at AJ, AJ pushed the fanback toward his seat. The two had words. AJ got back in the ring and the two continued their verbal altercation. At that point the fan said he would meet AJ in the parking lot after the show. It was then that AJ left the ring and hopped over the guardrail and headed toward the exit. He motioned to the fan and shouted lets go to the parking lot not. The fan stood at his seat. Aj then got the crowd chanting parking lot. The fan backed down and Aj returned to the ring. The security was caught off guard due to Roode having a verbal alrtecation on the opposite side of the ring with another fan.
    The guy hangs outt ith a local backyard wrestling company…..that says it all.
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