AJ Styles Signs Contract Extension with TNA Wrestling


PWInsider reports that AJ Styles and TNA has agreed to a short term contract extension. Styles’ contract was originally set to expire very shortly and both sides were said to be working on a compromise that would keep him with the company.

The report states that no one was able to comment where Styles has agreed to a short term or long term deal, but it’s clear after the events that took place on Thursday’s Impact episode that he will be with the company for a little while longer.

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  1. Don’t be shocked if Styles wins the title now, they probably said if he stayed they’d give him the belt. At least for a while…………..

        • Just watch and see it will change it takes time look at them not having Styles not doing that MEM Aces and 8s story line. All it will take Tna Warning Angle one more DUI and your gone. Sting tell him him to take a lesser role like GM not Wrestler and if he does the Hogan thing he gone. Belive it or not keep Bichoff he is filled with Ideas but still keep him behind the scenes same with Dixie. Fire Taz yeah He was great on Sunday Night Heat but cmon who wants a Orange Omapa loompa. Fix the Tag Team divison. Tna Do you own story line stop coping the wwe old storylines. Make Samoa Joe and Abyss get in shape And as far as Abyss no more Chris Parks it was funny a year ago not any more. Make Hardy A XDivison wrestler and only a Xdivison. Fire Mr Anderson you can then get some one from NWJP it. Screw it disband both Cliqs they are both jokes and fire all the aces and 8s except bubba hire devon and make them a tag team again. What is good about Aces and great about Aces and 8s. If you say Anderson Jump in front of a Gun. The womens Divison is there more then 4 women we got Gail, ODB, Mickie , and Brooke wow they need to get Awesome Kong. And I think the greatest bad guys in the TNA roster I worship Bad Influence Chris, Kaz, Bobby 3 bad eggs. But the next the help save Tna is Austin Aries

          • Love the TNA Bound For Glory Series. I would love to see them bring in more international talent down the road to fight in the X Division or challenge the World Heavyweight Champion. I do agree its time for the monster Abyss to come back. Sting should take on a managerial role. He has nothing left to prove. Angle just needs to get his life together. And This whole MMA project should cease. TNA can go a long way with Styles, Aries, Joe, Daniels, Roode, Kazarian, Hardy, and Magnus in the title picture.

          • Lets put more positive TNA post TNA NEED TO SURVIVE WWE needs a rival Bound for glory is waking vince up thats why there going and giving better programing Bryian is bringing better matchesthen ever

          • I Agree With you I think that TNA needs to Survive they got the Talent They just need to start using it. Aries need to Go ballistic on everyone.

          • I agree WWE needs a rival Bound For Glory series. I dont know exactly what to make of the BattleGround pay per view. I’m thinking maybe a tournament at Survivor Series where 8 to 16 participants compete to become the number one contender to either the WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship. Would have like to seen what the Intercontinental Cup could have been but they scrapped it.

          • agree with you Rich Abyss should be back somoa joe needs to go heel again AJ continue the new attitude bring back TNa Originals and highlight them Moter City Machine Guns They had the best Woman Division Bring back Awsom Kong *Karma Forget building up WWE rejects They been giving the best wrestling for a while know. Sting should be GM fire Hogan and B****off bring back Cornett Bring some AAA wrestlers back Put back petey Williams TNA will grow. Join with ROH WWe is taking them an Making them Midcards there excellent but know that they got there training center there not going to look at the Indys that much this is TNa to get new talents not rejects maybe Criss Masters and Doc Used the Rocker Guy put paint on Him and make Him the next untimate warrior TNa will servive

  2. I think Styles blinked when WWE said they weren’t interested in TNA talent and TNA got him to sign the extension.

    • Would have loved to see him in WWE. WWE has plenty of talent waiting to be called up from NXT to become the next big superstar. Don’t be fooled easily the WWE will be keeping an eye on TNA talent I assure you.


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