AJ Styles On WWE Being ‘Stuck in a Bubble’ and Not Acknowledging What Happens In Other Companies


WWE Champion AJ Styles recently spoke with Comicbook.com to promote his debut BOOM! Studios Royal Rumble Special comic book, and below is an interview highlight.

On WWE having an “it didn’t happen unless it happened in WWE” mentality:

“Well, the thing is, is when you’re stuck in a bubble, you’re stuck in a bubble,” Styles said. “You don’t really notice too much going outside of it. There’s so much going in the WWE. A guy came up to me and says, “Man, I have no idea what you’ve done outside of here.” I totally understand because when I was in Japan I was in that bubble. When I was somewhere else I was in that bubble and it’s hard to focus on someone else or what’s going on somewhere else because you’re so consumed with what’s going on around you. I would get that.”

“Truth of the matter is, I’ve seen a lot of moves done outside of the WWE and then someone does them in the WWE and now automatically they invented it,” Styles said. “That was the move that they came … I’ve seen it. The joke has always been, if you do it on TV first you’re the one invented it. Michelle McCool apparently, or Crash Harley, I’ve seen him doing the Styles Clash so was it their move? But then again, if you didn’t watch WCW in 2001 then you didn’t see me do the Styles Clash then, so I’m just throwing that out there.”

The above comments from Styles come at an interesting time, and seem to corroborate the “bubble” theory, as we noted last week that “Inside the Ropes” recently released an interview with Chris Jericho, during which Jericho explained how he got Vince McMahon to unban the Styles Clash after it had been banned following Styles’ WWE debut.

Jericho joked during the interview that Vince McMahon did not know AJ Styles from “a hole in the ground”, and added he knew Vince had no idea what the Styles Clash move was despite it being banned in WWE. “Vince had heard that somebody got hurt by the move, but I also knew that he probably didn’t even know what the move was, he just knew the name, the Styles Clash”, said Jericho.

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