More On The Al Snow Ribbing + TNA-NYC Attendance #’s, More


— According to sources, TNA drew 1,000 fans for both nights of their TNA iMPACT! tapings last week in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The company was happy with those numbers and plans on returning to the same market at some point in the future. There are so many changes happening within TNA right now that nobody knows when that return date will be.

— Speaking of TNA attendance, the Thursday and Friday night iMPACT! tapings in New York City were legit sellouts with 1200 fans in attendance each night. The first night of TV tapings on Wednesday drew around 800 fans but it was in the middle of the week and was expected. The crowds for all three nights were described as very “hot and vocal” and TNA was said to have been extremely happy with how the tapings went.

— There were signs posted backstage at the TNA iMPACT! tapings in New York City letting the talent know that the shows were sold out and no comps were available. The company wasn’t allowed to let more than 1200 fans in the building as the fire marshal was there and wouldn’t let it happen. Numerous fans were turned away at the door on Thursday and Friday nights.

— We previously reported that the TNA roster came out after Friday night’s iMPACT! Wrestling tapings to sing happy birthday to Al Snow. As noted earlier, the entire segment was actually a rib by Devon, as Snow’s birthday isn’t until July 18. Devon had been ribbing Snow all week. He grabbed the microphone and had everyone come out, even though many didn’t know Snow’s birthday wasn’t until July.

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