Alberto Del Rio Comments on Black Eye He Got, Rio Bashes AAA & More

Alberto Del Rio was interviewed by the Lucha Libre Show during his promotional tour of Mexico. Here are some highlights:

* Del Rio mentioned that the World Heavyweight Championship is the most important title in the WWE because it’s the first title that he chased. He admitted that WWE gives more attention to the WWE Championship.

* Del Rio said he was frustrated by not being used by WWE while in FCW and was about to go back to Mexico (CMLL), but someone told Vince McMahon to not let him go because they would be losing someone who could be huge.

* Del Rio revealed that prefers being a heel to a face.

* Del Rio said that he thinks that the American audience does not like him because they don’t like a Mexican being successful in an American company.

* He bashed AAA and said that his salary was a joke, which is why he left.

* Del Rio mentions never thought to come to WWE, but said that he used to watch it when he was younger and he would be lying if he didn’t dream of joining the company. He he never thought WWE would be interested in him and he was thankful that they are.

* Del Rio claimed that he made American fans hate him again at Payback.

* He also revealed that he got his black eye during a match with Daniel Bryan at a live event in Portland, OR, a couple of nights before SummerSlam. He tried to shoot shot down the rumors that he got in a fight at a bar.

* Del Rio said that he thinks Sin Cara gets injured simply by talking. He said that Sin Cara has great potential, but he is very injury prone. He said that he doesn’t know what the situation with Sin Cara right now.

* It saddens him that Rey Mysterio is injured, which is why he told Vince that the Latinos don’t care if you’re a face or a heel, all that they care is that a Latino is beating the “gringo.”

* He never liked being in FCW and said that it was one of the placed he hated the most. He admitted that his FCW run was for the best because he learned how to wrestle the WWE style. He kind of took a shot at Sin Cara when he said that people that don’t go to FCW are where they are.

* He mentions that he really enjoyed doing the running over Santa Claus angle, however said that his son was worried that they would be no Christmas.

* He mentioned that he wants to get to Wrestlemania 30 as champion.

* He thinks that he is a future Hall of Famer.

* Vince McMahon is a big fan of him and he is Vince’s favorite heel.

* The Undertaker is the “Godfather” in the WWE and said he would like to face him.

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  • Rene Ramirez

    ADR don’t care if you face or heel just show that Mexican/Latinos have more Love and Hart for wrestling Rey had done his part Bringing Mistico/Cara here was a Mistake Fav Mexican wrestler that can make it here EL Mesias and Higo Del Pero and for Face EL Santo Jr an Blue Demon Jr Putting El Mesias Father Mitchel Abyss together with Kane will be great against the Wyat family

    • raul cruz

      Sin Cara has hurt himself by refusing to learn the language and the style. When in Rome….

      Alberto did the right thing in going to Florida. It helped him realize that he was essentially starting completely over, and had to do things the “WWE” way to be successful.

      • Rene Ramirez

        agree SIn Cara got potential but He needs Rey to show him Or even ADR

        • raul cruz

          I have to disagree simply because Sin Cara has been in WWE for too long now. He should know what to do by now. His lack of progress seems to be more because he refuses to learn or adapt the skills necessary to succeed in WWE. As I said, when in Rome….Alberto, Eddie, Rey, hell even Super Crazy all adapted to what WWE management and fans expected so it is not much to ask that Sin Cara does the same. He is in WWE now, and cannot expect to be treated like a star just because he was Mistico. Alberto or Rey shouldn’t have to be wasting their time showing him anything because he’s been there long enough that he should already know this by now. I’m amazed that in two years he hasn’t learned enough english to do an interview on camera.

  • The huntress in the night

    ADR.. we don’t hate you because you’re as successful mexican in the U.S. i loved you as a face,, but you are so good at drawing heat and working a crowd we LOVE to HATE you. Nice job.