Alberto El Patron Goes On Drunken Rant About Triple H (Video)

– Last night former WWE Superstar Alberto El Patron did a Periscope in Times Square and went on an apparent drunk rant his ex-bossr and much more, check out the highlights below:

“If you’re wondering if I’m a little bit drunk? Yes, I’m a little bit drunk, and, you know that’s when the good stuff comes.”

“You remind me of one of the bosses in WWE, with the big f–kin’ nose, big f–kin’ pu–ies.”

“Ya know, I’m close to the next town. Stamford. I could pay a visit to somebody. Stamford is only forty-five minutes away. That’s where all the pu–ies live, right? I could go there and just knock on someone’s door, ‘Hey, big nose with the small d–k.'”

Click here to watch the video.

  • Scott

    What a goose